63 Volleyball Team Names

Volleyball game

People have been playing volleyball since the 1890s[1] and competing in tournaments since the 1920s.[2]

Though initially designed for businessmen who wanted a game a bit slower-paced than basketball,[2] today’s volleyball teams can be coed, boys- or girls-only, and played on the sand or an indoor court.

There are over 40 million regular players in the U.S. and over 800 million worldwide![3]

Regardless of the type of volleyball team, you’ll probably want to find a funny and cool name that reflects your team’s spirit.

Below, we list more than 60 volleyball team names appropriate for beach or intramural teams. If you want to create your own team name, we also share some tips below the list.

  1. Back Row Rebels
  2. Got Served
  3. On the Attack
  4. Attack Line Legion
  5. Decoy Derelicts
  6. Floater Force
  7. Jump Serve Society
  8. BlockBusters
  9. Ace Attack
  10. Spiked
  11. Competition Slayers
  12. No Excuses
  13. The Luckiest
  14. We Can Dig It
  15. Unstoppable
  16. The Skeptics
  17. Grounded
  18. Rally Rebels
  19. Dig Diablos
  20. Slay Switch
  21. Faultless
  22. No Boundaries
  23. Designated Attack
  24. Jump!
  25. Spiking Back
  26. Unlimited
  27. Elite Strategists
  28. Diving In
  29. Pancake Posse
  30. Drop & Roll
  31. Net Nation
  32. Advantageous
  33. In Tandem
  34. Quick Hits
  35. Unpredictable
  36. Team Topspin
  37. Volley Girls
  38. Believers
  39. Guardians
  40. Watchdogs
  41. Sand Dollars
  42. Blitz
  43. Cascade
  44. Tirade
  45. Blueprint
  46. Action Plan
  47. The Schemers
  48. Stealth Maneuvers
  49. Volley Road
  50. Gambit Guild
  51. Upper Hand
  52. Net Advantage
  53. Hit Listers
  54. Spike-A-Holics
  55. VolleyBrawlers
  56. Tidal Waves
  57. Vipers of Volley
  58. Spikedelic
  59. World Class Hitmen
  60. Flight & Fight
  61. Net Resources
  62. Floaters Forte
  63. Bump Quest

How to Create a Great Volleyball Team Name

Keep the following tips in mind to create the perfect name for your volleyball team from scratch:

  • Decide on the type of name you want for your team. It’s easier to create a unique team name once you decide if you want your name to be humorous, cool, dirty, clever, or motivational. Narrowing down your options to a specific mood, a certain number of words, or a theme makes it easier to brainstorm; you only need to find options that fit those parameters. You can use a one-word team name or create a short phrase.
  • Think about your team’s strengths and motivation. Come up with a shortlist of words that correspond with your team’s greatest strengths in volleyball. Take a poll of your team members to find out which of these words inspires them to do their best and incorporate it into your team name!
  • Get inspiration from your environment. While your team’s status as a beach team or intramural team doesn’t need to directly impact your name (many names are suitable for both), you can get inspiration from where your team plays. Think of the sights and sounds you experience while on the court. For example, if you play sand volleyball, you can use the name of an animal that lives near or in the water as your team’s name and mascot.
  • Use a favorite pro team or player for inspiration. If your teammates have a favorite pro volleyball team or player, you can incorporate the name into your team name. You can use a first name, last name, a nickname, or even initials. When you use a pro team name as inspiration, find a way to change it so that your volleyball team name will be unique.