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Actually Good Team Names is dedicated to providing the highest-quality and most comprehensive team name lists.

The following guidelines are designed to keep us accountable to you and our profession.

Journalistic Integrity at Actually Good Team Names

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We employ professional editors and writers from varied backgrounds to provide you with the best quality, most reliable information.

A staff of editors maintains our live content.

All of our content is family-friendly.


Editors review our content for grammar, spelling, style, and formatting, as well as for completeness.

We strive to provide lists that are focused but also comprehensive. We do not add off-topic items to our lists in order to increase their item counts.

Additionally, our lists do not include any offensive or questionable content.

Artificial Intelligence and Authorship

Actually Good Team Names does not publish AI-generated content or use AI-generated imagery in place of stock photography.

All of our content is researched, written, and updated by our qualified staff of professional writers and editors.

While we acknowledge the transformational potential of artificial intelligence, we also acknowledge its limitations in separating fact from fiction. We also believe that a human perspective is essential to providing the best-quality team names possible.

Our writers and editors remain committed to creating content that is original, comprehensive, and credible.


Our lists include both original team name ideas and citations for great names found elsewhere.

We also include cited facts that give context to each list’s subject.

Our citations appear as a superscript number next to the cited name or fact. You can find examples of our citation style below.

Example: Team Name Citations (Within a List)

Example: Factual Citations (Within the Article Text)

XYZ was founded in 1978 by Roger Smith.[2]


Advertisers do not influence our content, and we do not accept guest posts or sponsored posts.

Our qualified team of writers and editors is responsible for the creation of all of our content. This ensures that you have access to helpful ideas with no hidden agendas.

All affiliate partnerships are disclosed at the top of the page. Affiliate link opportunities are included only after the article has been written. This keeps writers from giving preferential treatment to a paid company, even if they were to do so without ill intent.

Writers do not know who we have an affiliate relationship with and who we do not. This ensures Actually Good Team Names is supported but also that our content is not biased. Furthermore, we partner with very few affiliates.

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We value feedback from our readers and take it very seriously. We embrace negative feedback and will address any question or concern you have about our content — typically within 48 hours.

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