63 Badminton Team Names

Whether you play badminton recreationally or professionally, finding the perfect team name can motivate you and strengthen your teamwork. Our list features name ideas appropriate for singles, doubles, and groups. If you’d prefer a completely original name, we also offer some tips below the list to help you create your own.

  1. Racquet Rebels
  2. Net Nation
  3. Birdie Brigade
  4. Shuttlecocks, Inc.
  5. Birdies in Flight
  6. Just Hit It[1]
  7. Racquet Busters
  8. Fine Feathered Friends
  9. Ready to Rally
  10. The Fly Swatters[1]
  11. Forehand Force
  12. Backhand Battalion
  13. Net Shot Heroes
  14. Lord of the Strings[1]
  15. Birdies Overhead
  16. Rally Winners
  17. BADminton Attitude[1]
  18. The Block Bunch
  19. Deceptive
  20. Side Slicers
  21. Tumble Troop
  22. Order on the Court[1]
  23. Wrists of Power
  24. Net Blasters
  25. Defenders
  26. High Serve Society
  27. Refuse to Lose[1]
  28. Advantage
  29. Intended Strokes
  30. The Bad Mittons[1]
  31. The Spinners
  32. Court Warriors
  33. Best Shot[1]
  34. Racqueteers
  35. Power Struggle
  36. Hotshot Birdies
  37. Slicing It
  38. Ace Bandages[1]
  39. The Grip Gurus
  40. Chaos Launchers
  41. Bye Bye Birdies
  42. Serve Is the Word
  43. The Terminetters[1]
  44. Fast and Furious
  45. Net Income
  46. Court Aces
  47. Racquet Ruckus
  48. String Courtets[1]
  49. Net Assassins
  50. Super Smashers
  51. The Tweety Birds
  52. Back Alley Brigade
  53. First in Flight
  54. Unleashed
  55. Serve Line Legends
  56. No Boundaries
  57. Shuttle Squad
  58. The Rally Patrol
  59. Air Shot Society
  60. Battle Birds
  61. Net Ninjas
  62. Finesse Force
  63. Hitless Wonders

How to Create Good Badminton Team Names

Creating your own badminton team name can allow you to find a personal and unique option that genuinely reflects your team. Keep the following tips in mind while brainstorming:

  • Consider team names unrelated to the sport. Words and phrases that are related to commonly used to describe badminton are always popular. However, keep in mind that you can also create a name from a favorite word or phrase that has nothing to do with the game. Choose an animal mascot, your favorite motivational mantra, or a pop culture reference for inspiration.
  • Use a word that brings winning to mind. Competitive sports are played to win, even if you’re only playing casually against friends. Show the competition that you’re serious about winning by using victorious vocabulary. Words like “conquerors,” “champions,” and “vanquishers” always make great team names.
  • Think about your favorite aspects of the game. Is there a particular technique or skill where you excel? Use it to inspire your team name. For example, if smashing the birdie is your specialty, you could name your team Smash Society.
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