59 Names for Eight-Member Friend Groups

An eight-member group is definitely large enough to deserve its own unique nickname. Whether you’re looking to nickname your friend group, set up a team for work, or name your group chat, we have over 50 group name ideas for eight-member friend groups or teams below. You can also scroll past the list to see our tips for creating our own eight-member group name!

  1. Crazy Eights: reference to the card game
  2. The Ivy League: referencing the eight famous universities[1]
  3. We Are Gr8
  4. F8: sounds like “fate”
  5. Eight Days a Week: reference to the Beatles song
  6. Eight Is Enough
  7. The Cranium: eight bones that protect the brain[1]
  8. The 8th Wonder of the World
  9. The Octave: reference to a sequence of eight notes
  10. The Octaholics
  11. The Byte: group of eight bits[2]
  12. This Is 8: slight reference to the TV Show This Is Us
  13. Party of 8
  14. Octette[1]
  15. The 8 Ball
  16. Family of 8
  17. The Octet[3]
  18. The Lucky Eights
  19. Two Times Four
  20. It’s F8
  21. Double Quads
  22. Ain’t 7, Ain’t 9: a play on “7, 8, 9”
  23. The Ogdoad: a group of eight deities in Egyptian mythology[3]
  24. Eight Maids a Milking: reference to “12 Days of Christmas”
  25. 8 Musketeers: a play on The Three Musketeers
  26. Eight Club
  27. Eight Greats
  28. Eight Notes: reference to octaves, which are a series of eight notes
  29. The G8
  30. The Octad
  31. Ocean’s 8: reference to the movie of the same name
  32. Octopus Legs
  33. The Octagon
  34. 8D: a play on “1D,” the nickname for the band One Direction
  35. D8ers
  36. Circle of Eight
  37. Elegant Eight
  38. 7 Ate 9
  39. Eight Across Borders: for an international group[4]
  40. Eccentric Eight
  41. Eight Earthlings
  42. Electric Eight
  43. Eight Alley Cats[4]
  44. Effervescent Eight
  45. Eight Block Heads[4]
  46. Efficient Eight
  47. The East Coast Eights
  48. Excellent Eight
  49. Eight Dynamos[4]
  50. Esoteric Eight
  51. Mystery 8
  52. Eight Eggs[5]
  53. Eighties Babes
  54. Octfriends[4]
  55. Exotic Eight
  56. Eloquent Eight
  57. Eighties Babies
  58. Eastern Eights
  59. Eats for Eight

How to Create a Good Eight-Member Group Name

We used the following tips when creating our list of eight-member group names, and you can also use them to inspire your own if you don’t want to use one of the names on our list:

  • Find groups of eight in pop culture. Eight is quite a large number, so this won’t be as easy as, say, a group of four — but you can find some eight-person groups in pop culture. Bands, movies, television shows, and books may include eight central characters or feature a group of eight people.
  • Use a word that sounds like “eight.” You can see examples of this in our list with names like “It’s F8” (“It’s Fate”) and “The G8” (“The Gate”). Eight rhymes with a surprisingly large number of words! If there’s a word you like that includes -eat or -ate, just substitute that portion of the word with the numeral “8.”
  • Use alliteration. Choose another word that starts with “E” and pair it with eight, such as our list’s examples of “Eloquent Eight” and “Exotic Eight.”
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