53 Mud Volleyball Team Names

Woman playing mud volleyball

Volleyball’s history began in about 1895 in Massachusetts. It was originally named mintonette, which was changed to volleyball in the early 1900s.[1]

The game was played with a tennis net and took inspiration from handball, baseball, and basketball. The final name was chosen to better describe the back and forth volleying of the ball.[1]

Sometime during the 1920s, beach volleyball became popular. It was only a matter of time before mud volleyball happened took off in popularity, too![1]

Many communities have mud volleyball teams and tournaments. Mud volleyball has also become a popular sport for fundraising.[1]

Our mud volleyball team names feature a great range of choices appropriate for any mud volleyball team. If you’d like to create your own unique mud volleyball team name, we also have some tips below.

  1. The Mud Slingers
  2. Splatter
  3. Sludge Society
  4. Silt Renegades
  5. Slush Fund
  6. The Mire Matrix
  7. Into the Mire
  8. The Mud Flaps
  9. Mudslide
  10. Mind Over Mud
  11. Mudwise Warriors
  12. Mud Maniacs
  13. Mud Pie Posse
  14. The Mud Men
  15. Mud Sliders[2]
  16. Mud Brothers
  17. The Muddy Crew
  18. Mudskippers[2]
  19. Dirt Devils[2]
  20. We’ve Gone Mud!
  21. Mud, Sweat, & Tears[2]
  22. The Mud Minions
  23. The Mud Buds
  24. Mire on Fire
  25. Mind Over Mudder[3]
  26. Collective Sludge
  27. Mud for All!
  28. Mud Bug Brigade
  29. That’s Not Mud[2]
  30. Show Me the Muddy[2]
  31. Dirt Diggers[2]
  32. Muddy Pirates[2]
  33. Mud Dolls and Volleyballs[2]
  34. Mud, Set, Spike![2]
  35. Mud Up With That?[3]
  36. Muddy Mamas[3]
  37. Mission Unblockable[3]
  38. Rub Some Dirt On It[3]
  39. Skid Marks[3]
  40. Notorious D.I.G.[3]
  41. Dirty Half-Dozen[3]
  42. Hits Don’t Lie[3]
  43. That’s What She Set[3]
  44. Earth Movers[4]
  45. Knee Deep[4]
  46. Mud Blockers[4]
  47. Mud Kill[4]
  48. Mud Pit Maggots[4]
  49. Brown Nose’ers[4]
  50. BrownTown[4]
  51. Shockers[4]
  52. Mud Dump[4]
  53. The Great Eight[4]

For more related team name ideas, see our list of volleyball team names.

How to Create Your Own Mud Volleyball Team Names

Create your own mud volleyball team name using the following tips:

  • Find synonyms of mud. Some of the synonyms for “mud” like “sludge” and “silt” can make great team names. You can use a fun synonym as a single-word name or add an additional descriptive word, as we did for “Sludge Society” and “Silt Renegades.”
  • Ask your team for suggestions. Getting the team involved in the naming process is a great motivator. You can ask each member to submit their choice and then put the final option to a team vote. If your team can’t decide on one, see if you can combine the top contenders to create a new and unique name.
  • Take a typical short phrase and tweak it into a muddy team name. Almost any short phrase can be changed just a bit to become a mud-related team name. For example, the phrase “into the fire” easily changes to “Into the Mire” for a fun mud-themed name.
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