81 Team Names for Work

Workplace team

No matter which field you work in, chances are that teamwork is essential to some facet of your job.

Around 75% of employers consider teamwork as very important to their business.[1][2]

A strong, collaborative culture can benefit employees, too. Over half of employees say that a sense of community and common mission would encourage them to stay at a company.[1]

A staggering 99% say they prefer a work environment with truthful and effective discussions![1]

Whether you’re forming a project group or want to give an interesting name to your everyday team/department, we have 80+ work-appropriate group name suggestions below.

Scroll past our list for tips on creating your own team name for work.

  1. The Brain Trust
  2. The Achievements
  3. Business Casual
  4. Ingenious Geniuses
  5. Added Value
  6. Worker Bees
  7. Risky Business
  8. Back to the Lab
  9. Follow the Leader
  10. Optimized to Win
  11. The Target Markets
  12. The “Will Do” Crew
  13. Pixel Pals
  14. Who’s the Boss?
  15. Bossypants
  16. Commission: Possible
  17. Nerds of a Feather: a play on the idiom “birds of a feather will flock together”
  18. Buffering…
  19. Full-Time Winners
  20. Business as Unusual
  21. No Loose Ends
  22. 2Legit2Quit
  23. Out of the Cubicle, Into the Fire
  24. The Odd Jobs
  25. It’s Accrual World
  26. Deficit Demolition Team
  27. Let’s Get Fiscal: a play on “Let’s Get Physical” for accounting teams
  28. Tax-manian Devils
  29. Everything’s Bigger in Taxes: a play on the saying, “Everything’s bigger in Texas”
  30. Call of Duty: reference to the popular video game series
  31. The Wolfpack
  32. B2-Bee Keepers: a play on B2B, or “business-to-business”
  33. Caller Ballers
  34. Call Control
  35. Marketing Maniacs
  36. Live Long and Market
  37. Appetite for Analytics
  38. The Mathletes
  39. PayRollers
  40. Vitamin 401K
  41. Death & Taxes
  42. The Innovators
  43. Mind the GAAP: short for “Generally Accepted Accounting Principles”
  44. The Mighty Morphin Stock Exchangers
  45. Three Balance Sheets to the Wind
  46. Recruiting Rampage
  47. Compensation Nation
  48. For Deposit Only
  49. Anger Management
  50. Innovation Squad
  51. Barely Managing
  52. Bug Squashers
  53. The Dreammakers
  54. Hash It Out
  55. Reboot Rebels
  56. B2-C You Later: a play on B2C, or “business-to-consumer”
  57. Managers of Mayhem
  58. Bull Market Bunch
  59. Sultans of Sales
  60. Keep Calm & Sell On
  61. IT Phone Home: a play on the line from the movie E.T. — “E.T. phone home!”
  62. Bandwidth of Brothers: reference to the series Band of Brothers
  63. SaaStars
  64. Hexspeak
  65. Cyberspace Cadets
  66. Star Tech
  67. Beta Bots
  68. Internet Explorers
  69. Money Never Sleeps
  70. The Creative Minds
  71. GitHub Says What?
  72. White Hats
  73. Access Denied
  74. Labor Force of Nature
  75. The Magicians
  76. Business as Usual
  77. Slayer Instincts
  78. Wii Work Hard
  79. The Three Profiteers
  80. Dollars to Doughnuts
  81. Vision Quest

How to Create a Good Team Name for Work

Create your own team names for work using the following tips:

  • Consider how specific you want to be. Team names that only make sense to someone with particular work expertise or personal background may not work for your team. For example, naming your team “Wii Work Hard” might not be funny if your audience isn’t familiar with video games; likewise, a name that draws on one specific element of marketing theory may be confusing to non-marketers in your company. General names usually work better unless your team/company specializes in one area. It can be awkward when a judge or your boss is reading your team name out loud, and you can tell they don’t get the joke or pun.
  • Keep it office-appropriate. Stay away from funny team names that are racy or include any objectionable language. No matter how casual and open your work environment is, it’s always a good idea to maintain a sense of professionalism, so you don’t alienate any team members (or give others the wrong impression of your team).
  • Don’t put others down. Everyone at your company is on the same team, so even if you’re creating a group name for a competitive task (e.g., which team has the best pitch for a new product line), you shouldn’t choose a mean-spirited name. Aim to uplift your own team without tearing down others. Additionally, using your team’s name to mock or exclude someone of a different gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender identity can hurt others, cause division, and result in you and/or your team getting in trouble.