57 Names for Entrepreneur Groups

There are over 400 million entrepreneurs worldwide.[1] As entrepreneurship continues to grow, so does the need for entrepreneur groups that provide networking opportunities and resources for growing businesses.

After all, it takes more than just you to make your business successful! Even if you have a great idea and the passion to dedicate all of your time to it, you’ll still need support from investors and (eventually) employees to really get your idea off the ground.[2]

Whether your group is getting together for networking or professional development, we have more than 50 name options below to work for any entrepreneur group. If you want to create your own entrepreneur group name, we also offer some tips below the list to help you formulate some options.

  1. The Pinnacle
  2. Launch Legion
  3. Moguls Inc.
  4. Fuel To Fly
  5. Cultivators
  6. Merchant Matrix
  7. The Tycoons
  8. Movers & Shakers
  9. VIP Ventures
  10. Go-Getters
  11. Big Shot Society
  12. Master Merchants
  13. The Maestros
  14. Genius Pursuits
  15. Profit Ninjas
  16. Biz Wizards
  17. Start-Up!
  18. Commerce Game
  19. Gurus of Trade
  20. Trade Tactics
  21. Profit Matters
  22. Call To Launch
  23. Firm Foundation
  24. Built on Rock
  25. Working Smart
  26. Profitability Patrol
  27. Envision the Future
  28. Selfless Vision
  29. Commit To Succeed
  30. Plans To Achieve
  31. Essentially Versatile
  32. The Great Returns
  33. Self-Driven Diablos
  34. Purpose Driven
  35. Success Incentives
  36. Fearless Innovators
  37. Successful Dynamics
  38. Innovative Environments
  39. No Regrets
  40. Steadfast Inc.
  41. With Initiative
  42. Compassionate Qualities
  43. The Biz Connect
  44. AOTCC: short for “Ahead of the Curve Collective”
  45. Change Masters
  46. Persevering Forces
  47. Efforts for Success
  48. BYOB: Be Your Own Boss
  49. Bright Futures
  50. Fresh Ideas Network
  51. Unprecedented
  52. Future Visions
  53. Growth Essentials
  54. No Supervision
  55. Best Foot Forward
  56. Expect the Unexpected
  57. Apex Association

How to Create Great Names for Entrepreneur Groups

Entrepreneur groups provide the opportunity to connect, learn, and innovate. Create the perfect name for your entrepreneur group using the following tips:

  • Use a positive or motivational word or phrase. Inspiring words and expressions set the tone for the group when you create a group name with them. It’s vital for entrepreneurs to maintain positivity, even when faced with setbacks and challenges. A cheerful group name will serve as a motivational reminder.
  • Create a group name based on the type of business you own. If you’re in a group with other business owners with similar companies, let your group name reflect your focus. For members involved in different types of businesses, you can find a theory or idea that ties your businesses together, such as a philosophy you all follow.
  • Think of a quote from a favorite entrepreneur. Incorporate a quote by an entrepreneur that your group looks up to into your group name. Though you probably want to blaze your own trail, there’s a lot to learn from successful business owners and role models in your field. Watch some keynote speeches or ask for suggestions from your group for quotes that could work. You could even use your role model’s first or last name in your group name.
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