87 Lunch Group Names and “Lunch and Learn” Alternatives

Lunch group dining at a deli

Skipping lunch might seem like a smart idea for your wallet, and eating at your desk might seem better for productivity.

However, research shows that taking a formal lunch break is good for creativity and can improve your cognitive capacity.[1]

Physically getting outside during your lunch break can even lead to breakthroughs in problem-solving.[2]

Lunch groups can be professional and devoted to learning, or they can be informal groups of friends or classmates.

Even if you’re using the opportunity to “lunch and learn,” the relaxed environment and social interaction will be a benefit to you.[3]

Below, we list more than 80 unique lunch group name ideas, whether you’re sharing meals with your pals or designing a professional development event!

Plus, below our list, find tips for creating your own lunch group name.

Casual Lunch Group Names for Friends

  1. The Good Grub Social Club[4]
  2. The Carbdashians: a play on the Kardashians[5]
  3. Let’s Taco ‘Bout It[6]
  4. The PB To My J[7]
  5. Friendchips and Guac[7]
  6. All That and Dim Sum[7]
  7. Best Fries Forever[7]
  8. The FFF Club: stands for friends, food, and fun[4]
  9. What’s For Lunch?[6]
  10. Eyes on the Fries: a play on “eyes on the prize”[8]
  11. Grate Friends[5]
  12. The Ketchup Club: a play on “catch up”
  13. The Brunch Bunch[8]
  14. Lettuce Talk[7]
  15. Egg-cellent Crew[5]
  16. Pizza Posse[8]
  17. Nacho Problems[5]
  18. Souper Friends[7]
  19. Let’s Ketchup[5]
  20. A Pizza My Heart[5]
  21. Definitely Not Vegan[8]
  22. What the Fork?[9]
  23. The Snack Squad
  24. Food For the Soul[4]
  25. Oh Kale No[5]
  26. Lunch Crew[6]
  27. Grill and Chill[9]
  28. Everybody Eats[4]
  29. Lunch Order Within[6]

Professional “Lunch and Learn” Alternatives

  1. The Learning Table[10]
  2. Brain Food[10]
  3. Meet and Eat[10]
  4. The Lunchtime Learning Crew
  5. Lunching on Strategies
  6. The Lunch Network
  7. Facts and Snacks[10]
  8. Lunch and Collaborate
  9. Food and Thought
  10. Power Lunch[10]
  11. Enlightened Bite[11]
  12. Brown Bag Takeaways
  13. The Skills Brigade & Buffet
  14. Knowledge Nuggets[10]
  15. Eat, Drink, and Be Educated[10]
  16. Auditing Our Lunch
  17. Food and Facts[10]
  18. Brain Picnic[11]
  19. The Innovator’s Lunch Club
  20. Knowledge Nibbles[10]
  21. Informed, Fed, and Inspired
  22. Feed Your Mind[10]
  23. Food for Thought Crew
  24. Nibbles of Knowledge
  25. Expertise at Lunch
  26. Grub Club[10]
  27. Feasting Our Minds
  28. Dine & Development[11]
  29. Eat, Learn, Grow[10]
  30. Information Buffet[10]
  31. Nourishing Greatness[10]
  32. Not Another Lunch and Learn[10]
  33. The Lunch Bunch[10]
  34. Everyday Lunch Buddies
  35. Knowledge Feast[10]
  36. Exceptional Lunch League
  37. Chew on This[10]
  38. Sandwiches and Strategies
  39. Information Chowdown[10]
  40. Bite-Sized Learning[10]
  41. Noontime Knowledge[10]
  42. Sack Lunch Superstars[10]
  43. Learning Luncheon[10]
  44. Let’s Do Lunch[10]
  45. Tasty Tidbits[10]
  46. Brown Bag Club[10]
  47. Key Takeaways: a play on valuable information and takeaway food
  48. Edible Edification[10]
  49. Data Bites[10]
  50. Something To Chew On[10]
  51. Food for Thought[10]
  52. Leads and Lunches
  53. The Lunchtime Morale Group
  54. Serving Up Knowledge[10]
  55. The Learning Trough[10]
  56. Teamwork Tasks for Lunch
  57. Team Lunch Culture
  58. A Lunchtime Change of Pace

How to Create a Good Lunch Group Name

As you can see from our lists above, fun lunch group names and “Lunch and Learn” alternatives are numerous.

Creating a good name goes beyond finding words related to food — you can tailor your lunch group name to the field you work in, the interests of your friend group, or the topic of a particular lunch-and-learn session.

Of course, all of the names you consider should be appropriate for the environment, be it work, school, or a totally casual meeting between friends.

Even at work and school, that doesn’t mean you should entirely avoid humor! If your lunch group is lively or your company has a more casual office culture, use puns and relatable jokes to create a fun group name.

The essential tips to keep in mind when naming your lunch group are:

  • Keep it simple. Short and catchy names will make your lunch group easy to market if you’re hosting a lunch and learn session. Casual lunch groups will also appreciate fun and straightforward group names over options that are complex and wordy.
  • Keep it fun. No one wants their lunch break to be dull! Choosing a fun name will make your group more excited to meet up.
  • Keep it clean. Even if you’re just meeting with friends, it’s usually a good idea to avoid profanity or offensive language in your group name.
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