77 Legal/Lawyer Team Names

Legal team names can provide comic relief to a very serious field or be completely professional. Below, we have 77 team name ideas for lawyers — plus, we provide tips for creating your own legal team name.

  1. Guilty Verdicts
  2. Insufficient Evidence
  3. Admissible
  4. Under Oath
  5. Collateral
  6. Serving Concurrently
  7. De Facto Force
  8. The Reasonable Doubts[1]
  9. On the Docket
  10. Scales of Justice[2]
  11. With Due Process
  12. The Billable Hours[1]
  13. The Indicted
  14. Bar None[1]
  15. Unlawful Detainers
  16. Beyond the Bar[1]
  17. Without a Warrant
  18. Justice Served[3]
  19. The Sequestered
  20. EsqChior[2]
  21. De Facto Force
  22. Torts Illustrated[1]
  23. It’s All Legal
  24. Admissible Alliance
  25. Reason for Appeal[1]
  26. Legal License Set
  27. The Enforcers
  28. Firm Foundations[1]
  29. Bona Fide Lawyers
  30. Legal Lions[3]
  31. De Jure Kings
  32. The Habeas Chorus[2]
  33. The Prior Convictions
  34. Legal Legends[3]
  35. We’re Libel
  36. All About Torts
  37. Gavel Makers[1]
  38. Before the Judge[3]
  39. Lawcapella Legacy
  40. Major Deterrents
  41. Truth Bader Winsburg[4]
  42. With Restraint
  43. Street Legal
  44. Legal Pad Posse
  45. Just the Justice[3]
  46. Judicial Officials
  47. Discovery Experts
  48. National Gavel[1]
  49. Out of Court Club
  50. The Court Jesters
  51. Moot Points[1]
  52. Bench Warmers
  53. Daring Defenders[1]
  54. Tribunal Troupe
  55. Adjudicate Authorities
  56. Attorney Alliance[3]
  57. Rogue Resolutions
  58. Claims Collective
  59. Move to Strike[1]
  60. The Forum Force
  61. The Legal Blondes: reference to the movie Legally Blonde
  62. Raising the Bar
  63. Barrage Brigade
  64. Dependable Defense[3]
  65. Testimony Tactics
  66. Minimum Destructions
  67. Striking the Record[1]
  68. The BARistas
  69. Wild West Lawmen
  70. Legally Brunette: reference to the movie Legally Blonde
  71. The Law Evaders
  72. Always Appealing
  73. It’s All Hearsay
  74. Fast Defense[3]
  75. Sidebar Society
  76. Warrant Warriors
  77. Subpoena Squad

How to Create a Great Legal Team Name

A legal team name can reflect the seriousness of the field or can call upon humor to bring camaraderie and a touch of lightheartedness to your team. Create a great legal team name with the following tips:

  • Choose something professional yet fun. A legal team name should have a sense of professionalism due to the seriousness of the profession; however, you can still create a light-hearted and fun team name that is practice- or law school-appropriate. Be careful about the language you use, calling upon tame forms of humor like puns, wordplay, and irony to create your team name rather than using foul or offensive language.
  • Use puns and funny sayings. Take puns or funny sayings that you are familiar with and convert them into a legal team name. You can replace a word with a legal term or add emphasis to the phrase to make it clearly law-related. See our list’s option of “The BARistas” as an example — it emphasizes the “bar” in “barista,” making reference to the bar exam cleverly and funnily.
  • Call upon your education to get inspiration from familiar terms and synonyms. Lawyers (and lawyers-in-training) are nothing if not well-versed in jargon. The law has its own language, and using that as inspiration for your team name can show off your expertise and intelligence. A simple browse of a legal dictionary or thesaurus will bring up ample words to choose from if you need to jog your memory, or you can use a legal term that’s of particular interest to you.
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