59 Project Team Names

Project team working at a large table

Project teams allow for innovative solutions through cooperation between diverse thinkers.

Teamwork is shown to bring results that outperform individual efforts, as well as help people enjoy their work more[1] and improve their productivity.[2]

Whether you’re a student teaming up for a classroom project or an employee brainstorming with colleagues on a work project, giving a name to your project team can motivate and promote good teamwork.

One of the 50+ options on our list may fit your project team, or you can create a unique project team name using our tips below the list.

  1. Project Posse
  2. Power To Perform
  3. United
  4. Talent Tribe
  5. At the Peak
  6. Project Ninjas
  7. Legends
  8. Epic Inc.
  9. Saga Society
  10. Project Icons
  11. Phenomenon
  12. Megastars
  13. Luminaries
  14. Monarchy Force
  15. Hustle Legion
  16. Champions
  17. We’re Golden
  18. The Experts
  19. Great Guild
  20. Dynamic
  21. Schemers
  22. Enterprise
  23. Venture Zone
  24. Project Time
  25. Ideas Incorporated
  26. Concept Collective
  27. Plan Patrol
  28. Specialists Squad
  29. Collab Force
  30. Achievers Alliance
  31. Elite Clan
  32. Unanimous
  33. Project Co-op
  34. Mutual Matrix
  35. Allied Association
  36. Unison
  37. Allstar Crew
  38. Simply the Best
  39. Guiding Lights
  40. Influencers
  41. Potential
  42. Finesse Force
  43. Qualified
  44. Top Caliber
  45. Action Agency
  46. Goal Reachers
  47. Project Warriors
  48. Concerted Efforts
  49. Synergetic
  50. Aim Achievers
  51. Flair for Projects
  52. Titans
  53. Cooperation Clan
  54. Motivated
  55. Peak Level
  56. Vision & Mission
  57. Acceleration
  58. Goal Focused
  59. Action Plan

How to Create a Great Project Team Name

The perfect name for your team will depend on a number of variables, including your team members’ personalities, your team’s purpose, and what you want to inspire in your members.

Create a great project team name with the following tips:

  • Gear your team name to your specific project or field. Our list of team names is usable for any team project. However, knowing the details of your project, you can use terms and phrases related directly to your work to create a name unique to your specific team and project. See our work and school categories for ideas related to specific career and study fields, such as programming and chemistry.
  • Research past projects for inspiration. Of course, your team will want its own new, unique project moniker, but you may find inspiration by researching previous projects completed by your team or others. Sometimes just reading a great name will get your creativity flowing! If you find a previously-used name that you really like, think of ways to change it up to make it your own.
  • Use words and phrases that describe your abilities or experience. Find words or phrases that collectively describe the capabilities of your team. Be sure to keep your project team name appropriate and professional, depending on your environment. A teacher might allow some leeway for funny (but not obscene) names, for example, while a workplace might be more strict. Use your best judgment!