73 Leadership Team Name Ideas

A great leadership team name can project motivation and positivity to the team’s members and others. Our list of leadership group names has more than 70 options — plus, you can create your own name using our tips beneath the list.

  1. With Authority
  2. Encompassing Abilities
  3. The Influencers
  4. Initiative Inc.
  5. Figureheads
  6. Leaders League[1]
  7. Movers & Shakers
  8. The Overseers
  9. Numero Uno
  10. Powers That Be[2]
  11. Head Honchos
  12. Lead Change Group[1]
  13. Paramount Posse
  14. Fearless Leaders[3]
  15. In the Lead
  16. In Command[4]
  17. Top-Tier Troop
  18. Lead & Inspire[4]
  19. Inspiring Authority
  20. Leading in Context[1]
  21. Lifting Our Visions
  22. Leaning In[3]
  23. Higher Standards
  24. Priceless Brains[2]
  25. Beyond Limitations
  26. Leaders Creating Leaders[5]
  27. Looking Up
  28. Actions Inspire
  29. Light Bulbs[2]
  30. The Showrunners[3]
  31. The Power Source
  32. Motivation Matrix
  33. Royal Benchers[2]
  34. Guidance Guild
  35. Live to Lead[4]
  36. Empowered to Serve
  37. Key Insights[1]
  38. Enlightened
  39. Monarchs[5]
  40. Always Influencing
  41. More Than Average
  42. Follow Us![3]
  43. Daring to Lead
  44. EntreLeadership[1]
  45. Unlocking Potential
  46. Lead by Example[3]
  47. Change Makers
  48. Let’s Go!
  49. With Enthusiasm
  50. The Supremes[5]
  51. Determination Nation
  52. Motivating Forces
  53. Watch the Throne[3]
  54. Called to Lead
  55. No Limits
  56. Brain Trust[4]
  57. Leading With Gusto
  58. Non-Stop Goal Getters
  59. Team Innovation[3]
  60. The Think Tank
  61. Above Average Assets
  62. The Experts[2]
  63. Unlimited Assets
  64. Running the Show
  65. Full Force[3]
  66. Zenith of Influence
  67. Team Optimum
  68. We Rule[4]
  69. Superlative Squad
  70. Power-Full[4]
  71. First Class Force
  72. Supreme Society
  73. Exemplary Associates

How to Create Your Own Leadership Team Name

When creating a leadership team name, consider the image of your team. As leaders, you’ll want your name to emphasize your team’s strength, skill, and strong character. Additionally, keep the following tips in mind when creating your own leadership team name:

  • Keep it motivational. Great leaders inspire their teams to give 110% or more to every task. A leadership team name that evokes feelings of motivation will keep your team feeling ready to accomplish anything. It can also inspire others around you. Bold words like “force,” “determination,” and “authority” can be great motivators for your team, though the perfect word choice will depend on your team members’ personalities and work styles.
  • If you get stuck, look for synonyms. A good way to begin forming a team name is to make a list of your favorite positive words and expressions. For an even greater number of options, check a thesaurus for words with the same meaning, which may be a bit lesser-known, more unique, or more precise.
  • Have a leadership team naming contest. A leadership team is full of talent, so why not put all of that excellence to good use? Get your team together and have a naming contest to find the perfect option. Ask each group member to submit one or more name ideas. Once all of the suggestions are submitted, your team members can vote on the winner. This will help you find options you may not have thought of on your own, and you’ll be sure to find a name that your whole team loves.
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