59 Spartan Race Team Names

Spartan team competitors

Spartan Races are tests of endurance, determination, willpower, and fitness.

Courses vary in length and difficulty, but always require a varied list of physical skills, such as running, climbing, crawling, lifting, balancing, and jumping.[1][2]

There are over one million participants in Spartan Races each year, tackling obstacles ranging from mud to fire.

The event — founded by endurance athlete Joe De Sena — has even spread to more than 30 countries.[2]

Spartan teams need to be in top physical condition to finish the Spartan Race. A Spartan team name may project a tough, inspiring, or even funny vibe — whatever motivates your particular team!

Feel free to use one of the Spartan Race team names on our list, or see our tips below to create your own.

  1. Unstoppable
  2. Never Broken
  3. Spartans Forever
  4. Tough Enough
  5. Fortitude Force
  6. Overcomers
  7. Team Endure
  8. We Prevail
  9. Conquerors
  10. In Triumph
  11. Squad Surpass
  12. Eclipse
  13. Transcend
  14. Crushing It
  15. Exceed & Excel
  16. Shatterproof
  17. Indestructible
  18. Heavy Duty Heroes
  19. Resistant Coalition
  20. Under the Wall
  21. Wellness Warriors
  22. No Obstacles
  23. Spirit of Spartans
  24. Beast Brigade
  25. Super Spartans
  26. Ultra United
  27. Over the Wall
  28. The Death Racers
  29. Endurance Union
  30. The Fire Jumpers
  31. Barbed Wire Bunch
  32. Mud Crawlers
  33. Through the Wall
  34. Race Riders Squad
  35. Sprinters Society
  36. Running the Distance
  37. Trifecta Tribe
  38. Rugged Race Patrol
  39. Workout Nation
  40. Marathon Legion
  41. Finish Line Force
  42. Course of Confidence
  43. Straight off the Couch
  44. No Nonsense
  45. Confidence & Capabilities
  46. No Excuses
  47. Our Absolute Best
  48. Not Giving Up
  49. Challenge Tacklers
  50. Trail Heat Tribe
  51. Team Legacy
  52. With Utmost Effort
  53. Burpee Avoidance Bunch
  54. Resilient Power, Inc.
  55. Penalty Pit People
  56. Mountain Matrix
  57. The Finishers
  58. Champions United
  59. Trail Ambassadors

How to Create a Great Spartan Race Team Name

To create a great Spartan Race team name, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make sure you’re prepared for the Spartan Race. Event and organization websites have everything you ever need to know about the Spartan Race before participating. From the history of the race to what you need to do to prepare for it, browsing these sites will not only help you feel up for the task but can also help you to find a word or phrase to create a meaningful Spartan team name.
  • Take a team poll. As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work! Take suggestions directly from your team and vote on the favorites. Your final choice can be one word that really fits the team as a whole, a short phrase, or an interesting combination of a few words suggested by members.
  • Think about how you’ll feel as you defeat the obstacles. Whether or not you’ve competed in a Spartan Race before, you should be aware of some of the obstacles you’ll face during the face. Think of how you’ll feel as you complete the course and the challenges you’ll face. Put your excitement, nerves, or confidence into words and come up with a great Spartan Race team name that is as unique and motivated as your team!