63 Running Team Names

Woman running at a park

Running is a great way to stay fit and a favorite activity for all ages. From short, daily runs to grueling marathons, running is known to attract a wide range of participants.

In fact, the world’s youngest marathon runner began competing before age five, while the oldest finished the Toronto Waterfront Marathon at the age of 100![1]

The world’s fastest runner, Usain Bolt, set a world record by sprinting 100 meters in just 9.58 seconds.[2]

While very few runners can expect to come anywhere close to that rate of speed, choosing a great team name can motivate your runners to do their very best!

You can easily name your running team or club using one of our 60+ suggestions below. Our list of running team names can apply to all ages and skill levels — from beginners to daily joggers to 5K runners.

If you’d like to create your own running team name, see our tips below the list.

  1. Fast & Furious
  2. Continuous Strides
  3. Perpetual Locomotion
  4. Off the Ground
  5. Simultaneous
  6. Speedy Sprinters
  7. Low-Key Joggers
  8. Ceaseless
  9. Strides Sustained
  10. Hustle Heroes
  11. Tireless
  12. Final Call
  13. We Don’t Swerve
  14. Blister Sisterhood
  15. Baby Got Track: a play on “Baby Got Back”
  16. Good Luck Club
  17. Flying Sparks
  18. Just Joggers
  19. Non-Stop Marathon
  20. Glory Blazers
  21. Buffering
  22. Pace Posse
  23. Tempo Trackers
  24. Roaming Rebels
  25. Never DeFEETed: a play on “never defeated”
  26. Run the Wiser: a play on “none the wiser”
  27. The Jog Standard
  28. We’re Jog Tired
  29. Sprinty Fresh
  30. The Race Aces
  31. Race Age Warriors
  32. Generation Laps
  33. Dashes To Dashes: a play on “ashes to ashes”
  34. The Dash Mob
  35. Any Time, Any Pace
  36. Going the Distance
  37. Sweat Society
  38. Sweat in Motion
  39. The Triple Sweats
  40. Stride & Joy
  41. Along for the Stride: a play on “along for the ride”
  42. Stride & True: a play on “tried & true”
  43. The Blister Act: a play on “sister act”
  44. Leaders of the Track: a play on “leaders of the pack”
  45. Feeling No Sprain: a play on “feeling no pain”
  46. Well Tread Warriors
  47. The Wild Strides
  48. Renegade Racers
  49. The Lost Soles: a play on “lost souls”
  50. Pace Against Time: a play on “race against time”
  51. Falling From Pace: a play on “falling from grace”
  52. Out of Sprint
  53. Taking the Sprint
  54. In Sprint Condition: a play on “mint condition”
  55. Fit To Sprint: a play on “fit to print”
  56. Pace Keepers Krew
  57. Run & Games
  58. Runbelievable!
  59. Our Happy Pace
  60. Running Lattes
  61. Rambling Racers
  62. Long Distance Legacy
  63. A RUNderful World: a play on “a wonderful world”

How to Create a Great Running Team Name

Running team names can be funny, motivational, self-deprecating, or profound. It’s essential to find a name that matches your team’s spirit and personality.

If none of the options on our list above suit our team to a tee, create a great running team name using the following tips:

  • Get inspiration from your team members. Have your team members each come up with a word that describes them best as runners. Get creative with uncommon words — encourage the team to go beyond descriptors like “fast” or “dedicated” so you end up with a variety of options. The group can then vote on their favorites. You may be able to combine several words and form a funny or uplifting running team name.
  • Use inspirational words or short phrases. Keeping your running team motivated is key. Running can be challenging and even painful; everyone needs that extra push to keep their strength up sometimes, and a great team name can provide it. An inspirational team name reinforces the positive; it may even become like a mantra for the team.
  • Keep it comedic and light-hearted. While motivational team names are great, they don’t have to be serious. A humorous name for your running team will keep the members laughing long after the end of the run. Think about funny words and phrases in general or see if you can create a pun about running. Jokes about runners and running may also work if you focus on just a funny word or two to create a unique and comedic team name.