63 CrossFit Team Names (Male, Female, and Coed)

Man flipping a tire during a CrossFit workout

CrossFit is a unique and intense alternative to the conventional “treadmills and weights” setup, allowing its gyms (known as “boxes”) the freedom to tailor their own routines and business plans.[1]

Founded by one man designing his intense workout of the day (“WOD”) in Santa Cruz, California,[1] CrossFit now has over 15,000 affiliate clubs around the world.[2]

Athletes from over 120 countries participate in the annual CrossFit Games![3]

CrossFit team names can be motivational and strong, yet also funny.

While our list is broken into male, female, and coed options below, your team name isn’t restricted by gender. We’ve organized the list this way because some teams want gender-specific names, but your team is free to choose whatever option suits it best!

If you’d like to create your own CrossFit team name, we also have some brainstorming tips below the list.

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  1. Intensity, Inc.
  2. The Power Posse
  3. Deadlift Derelicts
  4. Rogue Routines
  5. The Incredible Hulks
  6. Frenzied Fitness Force
  7. Rugged Ones
  8. Built Tough
  9. Battalion of Brawn
  10. Muscle Bound
  11. Resilient Rebels
  12. Six Pack Patrol
  13. The Stocky Squad
  14. Sturdy & Solid
  15. Resolute Regimen
  16. Jagged Regime
  17. Unwavering
  18. Burly Figures
  19. The Herculeans
  20. Durable Desperados
  21. Vigorous Patterns


  1. Movement Magic
  2. Fitness Boosters
  3. Weights Warriors
  4. Agility Alliance
  5. Transformed
  6. Lasting Legacy
  7. The Strong Squad
  8. Wellness Guild
  9. Lean Legion
  10. Endurance Elite
  11. Sparkles
  12. Pep in Our Step
  13. Fierce
  14. Verve Association
  15. Effervescent
  16. Buff & Bold
  17. In the Groove
  18. Determined
  19. Committed
  20. Pertinacious Ladies
  21. Persevering Posse


  1. Modification Matrix
  2. Carb-Free Crew
  3. Health First
  4. Function Force
  5. To the Limit
  6. Competitive Elements
  7. Team Transformative
  8. With Vigor
  9. Athletic Alliance
  10. Steadfast Squad
  11. Follow Through Friends
  12. Standing Fast Force
  13. Persistent Ones
  14. Nonstop Nation
  15. Steady On
  16. Enduring Habits
  17. Perpetual Fitness
  18. Endless Benefits
  19. Hanging in There
  20. Ultimate Level League
  21. Community Comrades

How to Create a Great CrossFit Team Name

Create a tremendous CrossFit team name that’s all your own using the following tips:

  • Consider your struggles and strengths. Use words that describe your fitness struggles and strengths and incorporate them into your CrossFit team name. You can choose to highlight the positives, acknowledge the negatives, or use a combination of both to inspire your team to work harder.
  • Name your team after its favorite CrossFit activity. CrossFit incorporates elements of interval training, weightlifting, gymnastics, and more. If there’s an activity that you and your team enjoy the most in your regimen, create your team name from it. Having a team name that reflects an activity that the group loves will keep everyone motivated by looking forward to that activity. Use your creativity to convert a single word or a phrase into a unique team CrossFit team name.
  • Think of your team’s ultimate goal with CrossFit. Your motivation could be health, general fitness, competitive success, or weight loss. To create your team name, list all of the words you can think of that apply to your final goal. Then, choose a favorite word or phrase that most describes your team.