191 Fitness Team Names

Fitness group meeting at a park to exercise

In history, fitness has been important to humans for practical reasons — those in good health were better and hunting and gathering, and therefore more likely to survive.

We don’t have to work as hard to find food today, but regular physical activity outside of hunting and gathering has been encouraged since ancient times, such as in the teachings of Confucius.[1]

Regular exercise has a lot of benefits that make it worth pursuing! It can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, elevate your metabolism, increase your brain activity, improve your sleep, and help you achieve better mental health.[2][3]

Working out with an accountability partner or team is a great way to keep your fitness goals on track — and choosing a great name can help turn your group into a close, supportive community.

Find our fitness team name ideas below, or scroll further for our tips on how to create your own unique group name.

  1. Goal Crushers
  2. Cheering Section
  3. Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow
  4. Best Intentions
  5. Only Look Ahead
  6. Better, Faster, Stronger[4]
  7. Challenged, Pushed, and Motivated
  8. Catching Excellence
  9. Mission Slimpossible: a play on “mission impossible”[5]
  10. Keep Thinking Fit
  11. Fit ‘er Done: a play on “Git ‘er Done”[5]
  12. One More Mile
  13. Flexed[6]
  14. Together We Can!
  15. Mind Over Matter[7]
  16. Endless Repetitions
  17. Destination Fit
  18. Team Downsizing
  19. Daily Burn[6]
  20. A Common Vision
  21. Relentless[4]
  22. The Positive Attitudes
  23. Teamwork Wins
  24. The Bod Squad
  25. Stronger Than Yesterday[4]
  26. Surrounded With Encouragement
  27. Infused With Positivity
  28. Always Optimistic
  29. Taking Action
  30. 2 Fast 2 Furious: for a running team[7]
  31. No More Excuses
  32. Fitness Priorities
  33. Indomitable Wills
  34. Sweating for Success
  35. The Meltaways[6]
  36. Keeping Up
  37. Motivation Habit
  38. Energy & Persistence
  39. Cellulite Assassins[5]
  40. Don’t Hold Back
  41. End Goals
  42. Quit Talking, Begin Doing
  43. Body Toners[7]
  44. Changing Perspectives
  45. Burning Lipids[5]
  46. Going the Distance
  47. Take Action, Create Success
  48. Fitness Trek
  49. Measuring Progress
  50. Accountable Life
  51. To the Next Level
  52. Femme Fit-ales: a play on “femme fatales”[5]
  53. Stretch Yourself
  54. Changing Choices
  55. Achieve Your Dreams
  56. Strong and Ready
  57. Under Construction
  58. Consider the Possibilities
  59. Head Over Meals[5]
  60. No Weigh
  61. Leading by Example
  62. Workout Wonders[6]
  63. Being Stronger
  64. Less Than Yesterday
  65. Strength Squad[6]
  66. Lifelong Journey
  67. Health Expedition
  68. Believing You Can
  69. Team Beast Mode[4]
  70. Committed Intentions
  71. Disappearing Dames[5]
  72. Feeling the Burn
  73. Unshakeable
  74. Reaching Our Goals
  75. Sharing Goals
  76. Peak Performance[6]
  77. Invincible
  78. Healthy Habits
  79. Unlimited Determination
  80. Friendly Competition
  81. The Slimsons: a play on “The Simpsons”[6]
  82. Rewards or Consequences
  83. Ready for Fitness
  84. Bringing Sexy Back
  85. Choose to Lose[6]
  86. New Week, New Goals
  87. Carb Blockers
  88. Vibrant Levels
  89. Be a Priority
  90. Team Skinny Jeans
  91. Badunkadunk Busters[6]
  92. Less Than More
  93. Fitness Frame of Mind
  94. Wishing is Not Enough
  95. Weight Warriors
  96. Flab Fighters[7]
  97. Reaching for Rewards
  98. Going For It
  99. Thriving
  100. Brave and Determined
  101. Muffin Abductors[6]
  102. Team Lionhearted
  103. Fitness Focused
  104. Less Than U
  105. Born to Lose[5]
  106. One Workout at a Time
  107. Eyes on the Prize
  108. Driving Our Success
  109. Gaining Fitness Clarity
  110. Legs Miserable: a play on “Les Miserables”[6]
  111. Believe You Can
  112. Team Tenacity
  113. Iron Pumpers
  114. Directed Accomplishments
  115. Skim & Slim
  116. Taking Control
  117. Dwindling Divas[5]
  118. Downsizers
  119. Purpose Connection
  120. Results or Reasons
  121. The Time is Now
  122. No Limits
  123. Roadrunners: for a running/jogging group[6]
  124. Lean & Mean
  125. All or Nothing Attitude
  126. Fitness Outreach
  127. Slim ‘n’ Trim
  128. Continually Striving
  129. Run Track Minds: a play on “one track minds”[5]
  130. Needing a Boost
  131. Dropping It Now
  132. Goals and Perspectives
  133. Working for Success
  134. Path of Ambition
  135. Winning Habits
  136. Opportunity in Difficulties
  137. The Waist Watchers[5]
  138. Embrace the Process
  139. Give Your Utmost
  140. Culture of Integrity
  141. Aligning Toward the Goal
  142. Taking the First Step
  143. No Excess Baggage
  144. Ready for Boot Camp
  145. Lightening Up
  146. Staying Accountable
  147. Keeping Promises
  148. Together We Achieve
  149. Channel Energy Into Action
  150. Health Is Wealth
  151. Capable of More
  152. Phone a Friend
  153. Teams Achieve Dreams
  154. Liberated by Accountability
  155. Two Are Better Than One
  156. Conquer the Resistance
  157. Muscle and Hustle
  158. Keep Climbing
  159. No Struggle, No Progress
  160. Escape the Mundane
  161. Perpetual Encouragement
  162. This Compelling Purpose
  163. No Opposition Allowed
  164. Epic Adventures
  165. Confidently Crushing Challenges
  166. Getting Back on Track
  167. Staying Power
  168. Action Before Motivation
  169. Finding the Flow
  170. Getting Over the Humps
  171. Waist Management
  172. Supportive Routines
  173. Gym Class Heroes[6]
  174. Building Momentum
  175. Strength of Will
  176. Ambition and Endurance
  177. The Metabolics[6]
  178. Broad Chest Brigade
  179. Solid Commitment
  180. Brute Force[6]
  181. Fitness Fortitude
  182. Remarkable Resilience
  183. Intrinsic Motivation
  184. Create Willpower
  185. Hustle
  186. Keeping Resolutions
  187. Fit & Healthy
  188. Flow Fitness[6]
  189. Collaborative Contributions
  190. Don’t Accept Defeat
  191. One Step Ahead

How to Create a Good Fitness Team Name

The name of your fitness group should be fun, catchy, and inspiring.

Think of it not only as a name but as a motto for your group — something that you and your partners can repeat any time you need a reminder to keep up the hard work and achieve your goals.

There is no formula for creating a good workout group name; the best option for your group will be the one that each of your team members finds motivating.

Keep the following tips in mind when creating your name:

  • Know your group. Snarky group names can be funny — but only if you and your groupmates share the same sarcastic sense of humor. Keep in mind that fitness can be a sensitive topic; you might find a name hilarious, while one of your partners will find it offensive. Be sure to consider the feelings and perspectives of your groupmates before settling on a name.
  • Stay positive. In general, you should choose a positive name for your workout group. Some people might find motivation through self-criticism, but focusing too much on what you want to change rather than the progress you’ve made can be demoralizing. It’s best to pick a name that will remind your partners that they’re making positive changes and keep them focused on the end goal.
  • Consider your goals. Do you want to lose weight, build strength, or just generally improve your health? You can use your goal(s) to inspire your group name, as seen in our list with names like “Health Is Wealth” or “Less Than Yesterday.” If you and your teammates have different goals, you’ll want to choose a more general name, so no one feels excluded.
  • Get inspiration from your favorite activities. Does your group love jogging, taking step classes, or kickboxing? Or, perhaps you meet once a week for a group bike ride or yoga class. If your group is formed around a specific type of workout, consider using the activity itself in your group name. (For example, a yoga group might use “Finding the Flow,” a reference to the sequence of postures you use during a yoga class.) This will also make for an easy reminder if you do a variety of workouts or classes outside of your group.
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