113 Softball Team Names for Girls, Boys, & Coed Teams

Softball helmet, bat, and balls

Did you know that softball was invented not as a twist on baseball but during a playful spat between fans after a Yale vs. Harvard football game?

After learning that Yale won the game on Thanksgiving Day in 1887, an alum excitedly tossed a boxing glove at his Harvard-supporting friend, who swung at the glove with a stick.[1]

The game caught on with football fans, who continued playing it with boxing gloves and broomsticks as it spread throughout the Midwest.[1]

By the mid-1930s, softball became an organized sport with three classes (fastball, slow pitch, and women’s softball), an amateur association, and a more organized set of rules.[2]

Today, around 10 million people in the U.S. play softball.[3]

When choosing the perfect name for a softball team, you should pick something that reflects your love for the sport and captures the spirit of your team.

Below, we have name options for coed, girls’, and boys’ softball teams (including some funny options).

Note that you can choose a name from any of these lists; we’ve only separated them this way because some teams are looking for gender-specific names. Feel free to choose whatever suits your team best!

Most of the options on our list will work for either fast-pitch or slow-pitch softball teams, but we’ve noted a few that are particularly good for slow-pitch teams.

If you’d rather create your own softball team name than choose one of ours, see our tips below the list.

Coed Team Names

  1. Tie Breakers
  2. Free Agent Alliance
  3. Base Runner Rebels
  4. Grounder Guild
  5. Hits Happen
  6. Benchwarmer Bunch
  7. Divas & Derelicts
  8. About That Base
  9. Rogue Base Runners
  10. Steady Winners: a play on “slow and steady wins the race” for a slow-pitch team
  11. Home Run Tactics
  12. All the Rage
  13. Confidence Club
  14. The Slow Dancers: suitable for a slow-pitch team
  15. Our Happy Base
  16. Base in the Sun
  17. Winning Strides
  18. Going Bases
  19. Home Run Heroes
  20. His-N-Hers
  21. Joint Collaborations
  22. Combined Efforts
  23. Give & Take
  24. Let’s Compromise
  25. Ten Turtles: referencing the 10-player field and slower speed of slow-pitch softball
  26. Bases in Circles
  27. Trending Topics
  28. Veering for Home
  29. Motionless Menace: for a slow-pitch team
  30. Any Time Any Base
  31. We Run We Score
  32. Ten on Top: referencing the 10-player field for a slow-pitch team
  33. Four Corners Company
  34. Striking Strikers
  35. Caught Off Base
  36. Open & Shut Bases
  37. Amazing Base
  38. Fall From Base

Girls’ Team Names

  1. Lady Legends
  2. Running Like Girls
  3. Sportsgirlship
  4. Sugar & Spice
  5. The Fierce Ones
  6. Hearts of Stone
  7. Refined Rebels
  8. The Sloths: suitable for a slow-pitch team
  9. Skilled Sisters
  10. Poised to Win
  11. Agile Angels
  12. Gifted Girls
  13. Savvy Sisterhood
  14. Outfield Angels
  15. In Vogue
  16. Swinging Like Bees
  17. Lipstick League
  18. The Wildflowers
  19. Saga Sisters
  20. Willowy Warriors
  21. Beautiful Bonsais: reference to slow-growing bonsai trees for a slow-pitch team
  22. Bubble Gum Girls
  23. Outfield Pixies
  24. Diamond Girls
  25. Pink Posse
  26. The Mean Girls
  27. Wonder Women
  28. Daisy Derelicts
  29. Field of Flowers
  30. Girls on a Mission
  31. Ladybug Legion
  32. The Lux Ladies
  33. Painted Nails
  34. The Free Spirits
  35. Bat Girls

Boys’ Team Names

  1. Dugout Derelicts
  2. Roadrunners
  3. The Odd Men Out
  4. Bruise Brothers
  5. Merciless
  6. Brut Battalion
  7. Cutthroat Crew
  8. Remorseless
  9. Dashing Dudes
  10. The Gila Monsters: reference to the slow-moving reptile for a slow-pitch team
  11. The Suave Set
  12. Looking Debonair
  13. P50 Peelers: reference to the Peel P50 (a notoriously slow car) for a slow-pitch team
  14. The Gallant Guys
  15. An Arrogant Swagger
  16. Renegades
  17. Sluggish Sluggers: for a slow-pitch team
  18. The Dread Sox
  19. Boys of Summer
  20. Strike Zone Boys
  21. Traffic Jammers: reference to slow traffic for a slow-pitch team
  22. Field of Hitmen
  23. Dirt Devils
  24. Men of Steal
  25. Psyching You Out
  26. The Slugs: reference to the slow-moving mollusk for a slow-pitch team
  27. Bat Attitudes
  28. The Slowpokes: for a slow-pitch team
  29. Heading Home
  30. Ready to Rumble
  31. Dialup Dudes: reference to dialup internet for a slow-pitch team
  32. Death or Glory
  33. Intrepid Ones
  34. Bold Brigade
  35. Indomitable
  36. Steadfast Sacrifices
  37. No Interference
  38. Invincible Innings
  39. Dauntless Doubles
  40. Valiant Efforts

How to Create Your Own Softball Team Name

If none of the names on our lists above suit your team, you might want to consider creating your own unique team name.

Keep the following tips in mind while you brainstorm:

  • Play up your team’s strengths. Decide what your team’s strength is and create your name around it. You could also use your weakness as a team name — perhaps by poking fun at it. In either case, this will guarantee a name that reflects your team well and has a bonding effect.
  • Get inventive. Look up softball terms and synonyms, definitions, and stories to find inspiration. Have your team brainstorm words that come to mind when thinking of the team or the sport. Show that your team is not only talented on the field but off the field as well by really making your team name unique.
  • Show appreciation for your team’s talent and potential. Whether you have a winning team or not, think about your team’s potential and use a descriptive word or phrase that encompasses it. Softball team names can be funny and also motivational.