93 Basketball Team Names (Intramural, Girls, Youth, etc)

Outdoor basketball hoop

Originally invented in 1891 as an indoor winter activity for members of the Springfield, MA YMCA Training School,[1] basketball has now grown into one of the most popular sports in the world and has more than two billion fans globally.[2]

It isn’t just a popular sport to watch, either. Over 100 countries have either a basketball league or a national team, and there are over 70,000 professional players worldwide.[3]

Basketball team names can be funny, cool, creative, and clever.

Our list may include the perfect, ready-to-use name for your team — or, if you’d like to create your own unique basketball team name, we have some brainstorming tips below the list!

Note that while our list includes a section specifically for girls, you don’t need to choose your team name based on your gender. We’ve simply included this section for teams that are looking for gender-specific names. Feel free to choose whatever suits your team best!


  1. Beyond Hoops
  2. Hoop Dynamics
  3. Game To Please
  4. Full Team Ahead
  5. Believe It or Net
  6. Game Culture
  7. No Bounce About It
  8. Best in Pass
  9. Life and Rim
  10. The Zone Wars
  11. Tempest
  12. In an Uproar
  13. Court Chaos
  14. Brawlers
  15. Opposition
  16. The Tossers
  17. Evolution
  18. On Impulse
  19. Intimidators Inc.


  1. Heart & Goals
  2. Peachy Screens
  3. Windstorm Angels
  4. Cyclone Sisters
  5. Arc Our Words
  6. No Flings Attached
  7. Heart of Zone
  8. Superstorm
  9. Commotion
  10. Sudden Squalls
  11. Flurry Force
  12. Score Sisterhood
  13. Advantage
  14. Feminine Fury
  15. Dazzlers
  16. Lethal Ladies
  17. Screen Cuisine
  18. Mermaid Matrix
  19. Wonder Women
  20. Pink Patrol
  21. Diva Derelicts


  1. Dunkzilla Dudes
  2. Saved by the Balls
  3. Hooper Scooper
  4. Blowing Dunks
  5. Don’t Give a Hoop
  6. Boxers Out
  7. Heavy Netting
  8. Scored Our Pants Off
  9. Blocked & Loaded
  10. Zig Zag Zone
  11. Time Out Tribe
  12. The Grizzly Balls
  13. Make It Dribble
  14. The Untouchaballs
  15. Atomic Wind
  16. Hustle Madness
  17. The Net Quest

Video Games (NBA 2K, etc)

  1. Stardom Heights
  2. Decisive
  3. Pivotal
  4. Critical
  5. Global
  6. Influence
  7. Contact
  8. Slams
  9. Transformed
  10. Determined
  11. Streetball Squad
  12. Impact
  13. Significant
  14. Paramount
  15. Unequaled
  16. Superlative
  17. Limitless
  18. Courtside Heroes

For more ideas specifically for gaming, see our list of NBA 2K clan names.


  1. Dribble Derelicts
  2. LeBron’s Brigade
  3. Shaq’s Squad
  4. Riled Up
  5. Dominators
  6. Rebels
  7. Defenders
  8. Ferocious
  9. Court Crushers
  10. Dominion
  11. Courtside Crew
  12. Basket Battalion
  13. Slammers
  14. Frenzied
  15. Defiant
  16. Bold Brigade
  17. Avengers
  18. The Spinners

How to Create a Good Basketball Team Name

There are a lot of different ways to name your basketball team.

Consider the following tips as you brainstorm if you’d like to create your own cool team name:

  • Keep your teammates in mind. Your name should reflect the personality of your team, and it should also be appropriate for your team. For example, a name that’s perfect for a youth team won’t match a name that’s perfect for a casual, adult pick-up game or video game.
  • If your team has a mascot, form your team name using it. Mascot names are easy to use when creating a team name. To make your basketball team name unique, use the mascot’s name and add an additional descriptive word or two to make it interesting. For example, if your mascot is hornets, you could add the words happy and hoop to form Hoop Happy Hornets.
  • Use your favorite professional teams and players for inspiration. Keep your team motivated to do its best by naming it after your favorite professional team. If your team has a favorite basketball player, you can also create a team name using their first or last name. Try out various combinations until you find a unique option.
  • Think about inspiring words and phrases and use them as your team name. Choose words and phrases that describe the your team collectively. Whether your team wins or loses, a great team name will boost team confidence and prompt everyone to give their utmost to the game.