63 Funny & Cool Wiffle Ball Team Names

Wiffle ball team names can be as creative and fun as you wish, ranging from puns to names inspired by the game’s rules and plays. We have the list of more than 60 good Wiffle ball team names below. If you’d like to create your own Wiffle ball team name, see our tips after the list!

1. Wiffle While We Work

2. Swerve Balls[1]

3. Wiffle House[2]

4. A Case of the Wiffles[3]

5. Take a Wiff

6. Wiffle World Heroes

7. Pitch Perfect

8. Fast Pitch Force

9. Allstars United

10. Major Wiff Leaguers

11. Roster Rebels

12. Circuit Circus

13. The Curveballs

14. Designated Hitters

15. Strikeout!

16. Lineup Legacy

17. Resilient Wiffs

18. No Substitutions

19. Batter Battalion

20. Force Plays

21. Batter’s Box Renegades

22. The Pegging Posse

23. Home Base Bunch

24. Baserunners Legion

25. Infield Collective

26. Strike Zone

27. The Base Aces

28. Line Drive Legends

29. Wiffles in Flight

30. Bat Attitude Crew

31. Plastic Bat Posse

32. Wiffles, Inc.

33. Rounding Third[2]

34. Wiffling Winners

35. The Scoop Squad

36. Just the Base-ICS

37. Cleatless Wonders

38. Hit Heroes

39. We’re Wiffling

40. Let’s Bolt!

41. The Wiffle Waves

42. Cleat Crushers

43. Soft Serve Legends

44. Wiffle Warriors

45. Plastic Magic

46. Fast Plastic[4]

47. The Wiffle Association

48. United We Wiffle

49. Wiffs of Gold

50. Cosmic Curveballs

51. Got Plastic?[4]

52. Wiffles Gone Wild

53. Get a Wiff

54. Plastic Posse

55. Wiffle Magic

56. Hit the Wiff

57. Wiffs of Fire

58. The Wifflehounds

59. Wiffles Reign

60. Plastic Stampede

61. The Wiffle Tide

62. Wiffle Blitz

63. Saints and Wiffles

How to Create Good Wiffle Ball Team Names

You might want to create a name that reflects your Wiffle ball team in a more personal way — or perhaps you just want more options to choose from! Create cool Wiffle ball team names using the following tips:

  • Turn Wiffle ball terms into team names. Think of terms and phrases that you and your team routinely use during practices or games. If you decide on one word, you can add a descriptive word or phrase to it to make it more exciting and personal to your team. Use a word that collectively describes your team or a term that your team commonly uses.
  • Choose a name unrelated to the game. Great team names don’t have to relate to the game you’re playing specifically. If you and your team members have anything in common, such as a favorite hobby other than Wiffle ball or liking the same style of music, use a word or phrase that captures that interest and create a team name with it.
  • Get inspired by professional teams. You don’t have to use the name of a professional baseball or Wiffle ball team; use any team’s name to inspire you. Create a pun or acronym from your favorite team’s name, or choose a similar mascot.
  • Use humor. Get creative and turn an inside joke or funny nickname into the perfect team name. To find a name that makes everyone chuckle, be sure to involve your entire team in the process and put the winning moniker to a vote.
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