77 Baseball Team Names

Close-up of a baseball resting in a glove

Baseball has long been known as “America’s pastime”[1] and remains one of the most popular sports among children and adults, with nearly 16 million regular players![2]

Did you know that the longest baseball game in history ran for 33 innings?[3]

While not all games are quite that long, baseball does allow a lot of time for fans to cheer, making it essential to choose a great team name.

Whether you’re playing backyard baseball, competing with friends or co-workers, or playing for a travel team, youth team, or T-ball team, finding a cool baseball team name is crucial to building team spirit.

Below, we list more than 70 baseball team names to choose from, plus tips for creating your own ideas!

  1. Diamond Derelicts
  2. Pitch Perfect
  3. Homerun Heroes
  4. Aces of Bases[4]
  5. First Base Frenzy
  6. Sluggers[5]
  7. One Hit Wonders[5]
  8. All About the Base
  9. The Swing Squad
  10. The Bat Breakers[5]
  11. Strike Zone
  12. Diamond Divas[4]
  13. Curveball Collective
  14. The Bad News Bears[5]
  15. Designated Winners
  16. The Naturals[6]
  17. Green Light Legion
  18. Bat Attitudes[4]
  19. The Field Force
  20. Off the Hook
  21. Major Leaguers
  22. Cleats of Fire[5]
  23. First Strikes
  24. The Homer Hitters
  25. Sore Losers[7]
  26. Lightning Blitz
  27. Sudden Panic
  28. The Rampage
  29. Fast Flames[4]
  30. Wolf Pack
  31. The Sorcerers
  32. Hammerhead Warriors[7]
  33. Jinx
  34. Mojo Matrix
  35. The Hitmen[6]
  36. Strike Saga
  37. Phenomenon
  38. Arsenal[6]
  39. The Stealers
  40. Megastars
  41. Epic Aces
  42. Crush[6]
  43. Superstorm
  44. The Rockers
  45. Defenders[6]
  46. Dust Devils
  47. Torrent
  48. Yellowjackets
  49. Thunder[7]
  50. Shock Waves
  51. Predators
  52. Slam[6]
  53. Menace
  54. The Wild
  55. Hitmakers
  56. Ka-Boom![7]
  57. Good as Gold
  58. The Outsiders
  59. Heatwave[6]
  60. The Fliers
  61. Supernovas
  62. Alley Cats
  63. Bat Crackers[5]
  64. Bases Loaded
  65. Strike Attempts
  66. Felons[6]
  67. Fastball Force
  68. Wild Pitch Posse
  69. Smash Hits
  70. Power Zone
  71. The Baserunners
  72. Strikers[7]
  73. Dugout Diablos
  74. Velocity
  75. Rain Check
  76. Bat to Base
  77. Left Field Legends

How to Create Your Own Baseball Team Name

A great baseball team name might include a punny reference to the game, an animal mascot, or an intimidating and powerful mantra.

It’s all about finding the perfect fit for your particular team — which may require you to create your own baseball team name.

Keep the following tips in mind while brainstorming:

  • Take input from your teammates. The decision of the perfect baseball team name shouldn’t be left to one person. After all, as the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work!” Take name ideas from your teammates and ask them what type of name they’d like. Do they want a traditional, mascot-based name like “Supernovas” or something totally unique?
  • Get inspiration from the sport. What do you love most about baseball? Make a shortlist to get inspiration for your team name. For example, if your favorite thing about it is the fond memories you have of watching games at the ballpark, you might go for a fun option like “The Pretzel Peddlers” (referencing the popular ballpark snack).
  • Brand your team. Your name is your team’s identity, so you should consider the brand you want to build for your team. Do you want to be seen as a fun and energetic team, one that takes the game very seriously, or one that could bat with the best of ’em? Choosing the right tone for your name will help you promote your team to potential fans and supporters.
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