59 Football Team Names

Football players in the middle of a game

American football has only been around since the 1860s,[1] which makes it a relatively young sport, but despite its relatively recent history, it’s one of the most-loved and most-played games!

Football team names can be cool, funny, creative, or serious. Our list features a range of options to suit any football team from corny-but-hilarious puns to intimidating mascots.

A mascot-based name may be the way to go if you want your team to be around for a long time — the Arizona Cardinals, named after the bird, are the oldest continuously-playing team, competing since 1898![2]

If you don’t find the perfect option on our list or just want to create your own football team name, we also share some tips to help your creativity flow.

  1. Audible Alliance
  2. On Offense
  3. Lineup League
  4. Scrimmage Squad
  5. Penalty Patrol
  6. Back-Up Battalion
  7. The Pass Rushers
  8. Blitz Zone
  9. Red Dog Diablos
  10. Mobile Forces
  11. Fire Zone
  12. The Clippers
  13. Wildcat Blitz
  14. Masterminds
  15. Shenanigans
  16. Pigskin Posse
  17. Snap Decisions
  18. Gridirony: a play on the word “gridiron”
  19. Rogue Rookies
  20. Phenomenon
  21. Trouble
  22. Mayhem
  23. Rough Rebels
  24. The North Forty
  25. Comeback Crew
  26. Grid of Iron: a play on the word “gridiron”
  27. Best Effort
  28. Drop Kick Kids
  29. Slaughter Squad
  30. Endzone Angels
  31. Dark Horse Legacy
  32. The Tail Greats
  33. Fullback Influence
  34. Gridiron Guild
  35. Fumble Bees
  36. Big Punts Bunch
  37. No Rules
  38. The Field Gulls
  39. Case in Punt: a play on the phrase “case in point”
  40. Humble Fumbles
  41. Punts Intended: a play on the phrase “pun intended”
  42. Guardians
  43. Commandos
  44. Defenders
  45. Watchdogs
  46. The Victors
  47. Conquerors
  48. Kick Keepers
  49. Thunder
  50. Grit & Gusto
  51. Risk Takers
  52. Freedom
  53. Severe Threat
  54. Menace Matrix
  55. Gipper’s Winners: reference to George Gipp, Notre Dame’s first Walter Camp All-American player
  56. The Brut Brigade
  57. Invincibles
  58. Goal Getters
  59. The Fight Force

How to Create a Good Football Team Name

Creating the perfect football team name can be a challenge; you’ll want to find something that reflects your team’s vibe and sounds good when pitted against competing teams.

If none of the options on our list above are exactly right for you, keep the following tips in mind and brainstorm more ideas with your team:

  • Get inspiration from your favorite professional teams. You won’t want to create a team name identical to your favorite pro team, but you can look up synonyms for your favorite team’s name, choose something that shares a similar meaning, or pick something that sounds similar. For example, if you like the Patriots, you might choose a similar word like “Commandos,” “Guardians,” or “Defenders.”
  • Get inspiration from your favorite professional player. If there’s a pro football player that your entire team admires, you can use their first name, last name, nickname, or number to influence your team name. Use the player’s actual name in your team name (for example, Payton’s Bears, a nod to Chicago Bears hall-of-famer Walter Payton) or choose something more abstract like “The 34s.”
  • Choose a team name completely unrelated to football, and perhaps add a football-related word to it. There’s no rule stating that your team name must be directly related to the sport. Choose a name that has nothing to do with football, like a favorite animal mascot, or combine a non-football word with a game term. For example, if your team loves beer, you can add a football term like “blitz” to it, and your new team name will be Beer Blitz. Think outside the box, and you’ll soon have an inventive and unique football team name like no other!