63 Sales Team Names

Sales team meeting

Nearly one in eight jobs in the U.S. are in sales,[1] but it’s a tough field to succeed in.

While stats vary by company, some studies show that just 20% of a company’s sales force delivers 80% of the revenue.[2]

A strong sales team will have smooth and effective hiring and onboarding processes, provide constant feedback, be collaborative, and form a foundation of trust.[3]

Sales team names can range from funny phrases that reflect your team’s sense of humor to motivational words that will help your team excel in competitions.

Our list features a variety of choices — more than 60 ready-to-use names.

If your team decides to create its own unique name instead of using one of our options, we also have tips below the list to help you find the perfect fit!

  1. Business Bandits
  2. Cold Call Collective
  3. Essential Elements
  4. The A-Listers
  5. Achievers Alliance
  6. Commerce Captains
  7. Fast Talk Troop
  8. Business Time
  9. Money Makers Matrix
  10. Power Performers
  11. The Powerhouse
  12. Super Solutions
  13. The Negotiators
  14. Prosperity Express
  15. Sultans of Sales
  16. Risky Business
  17. Power Persuaders
  18. Revenue Rebels
  19. Strategy Sultans
  20. On Target
  21. Peak Performance
  22. Focus Force
  23. Value Visionaries
  24. The Bonus Brigade
  25. Game Changers
  26. Mission To Sell
  27. The Bargainers
  28. Commerce Crew
  29. Seal the Deal
  30. Haggle Heroes
  31. Money Mentors
  32. Quota Quest
  33. Sales Scholars
  34. Trade Targets
  35. Bargain Rebels
  36. Terms Troop
  37. Victorious Volumes
  38. Ace Squad
  39. Sales Ninjas
  40. Money Mavens
  41. Sales Wizards
  42. Commerce Gurus
  43. Ace Achievers
  44. Bargain Buffs
  45. The Sales Seers
  46. Sales Authority
  47. Charisma Crew
  48. The Go-Getters
  49. Commerce Clinchers
  50. The Closers
  51. Dynamite Deals
  52. Bargain Blitz
  53. Trade Network
  54. It’s a Wrap!
  55. Signed, Sealed, Delivered
  56. Soaring Above
  57. Pitch Perfect
  58. On the Money
  59. The Offer Makers
  60. Successful Efforts
  61. Competitive Advantage
  62. Sum of Success
  63. Quota Busters

How to Create a Great Sales Team Name

Should you choose to create your own sales team name, keep the following tips in mind as you brainstorm and select the best option:

  • Get inspiration from jokes. Humor and puns will motivate your team by giving the group a fun and energized vibe. You can create a pun from a standard sales term or use sarcasm to reflect one of the more ridiculous elements of your work. Note that although it’s good to use humor, it’s best to keep your team name work-appropriate if you’re in a professional setting — avoid offensive or crude jokes.
  • Think about what motivates your team. A motivational team name is an excellent option for a sales team. It can help your team members stay positive and engaged. Choose a single inspirational word or a short phrase that serves as your team’s motto. To find the option that’s genuinely motivational for everyone, ask your team members to submit their choices and put the final winner to a vote.
  • Create a team name using words unrelated to sales. Think of ordinary words with more than one meaning that could also apply to sales. Any word or phrase that is meaningful to your team can be used to create your team name. Think out-of-the-box and get creative! A unique team name will set your sales team apart from all the others.
  • Use alliteration. As you can see with many of the examples on our list above, an easy way to create a cool team name is to use alliteration. After coming up with some words that describe your team, like “strategy” or “charisma,” think of words you could pair with those that start with the same letter. Names like “Charisma Crew” and “Strategy Sultans” are short, catchy, and easy to remember — and depending on the words you choose, they can be very light-hearted and fun, too.