59 Investment Group Names

Whether you’re creating a new investment group or rebranding an existing one, finding the perfect name can help you market your group and reflect its mission. We list nearly 60 ready-to-use investment group names below, plus tips if you’d prefer to come up with your own unique name.

  1. Arrant Investments
  2. Capital Gains
  3. Investment Guild
  4. Integrity
  5. Balanced Ideas
  6. Upward Trends
  7. Legacy
  8. Portfolio Partners
  9. The Bright Path
  10. Heritage Way
  11. Elite Management
  12. Freedom Ventures
  13. Link To Invest
  14. Trending Growth
  15. Affirmed Assets
  16. Midas Touch
  17. Bridge To Gold
  18. Omni Group
  19. Tangible Horizons
  20. Steadfast Investments
  21. Celestial Legacy
  22. Encore Group
  23. Asset Analysis
  24. First Wave Corporation
  25. Sensible Partners
  26. Circle of Trust
  27. Heritage Partners
  28. Great Expectations
  29. Investor’s Guild
  30. Wealth Array
  31. The Lucky Penny
  32. Shamrock Consultants
  33. Money Trail Investments
  34. Crown Partners
  35. The Money Matrix
  36. Blue Skies Securities
  37. Solid Rock Group
  38. Visions of Wealth
  39. Panorama
  40. Core Perspectives
  41. The Growth Outlook
  42. Sheer Growth Guild
  43. Vista Visions
  44. Substantial Ventures
  45. The Total Picture
  46. Diamond Edge
  47. The Complete Source
  48. Absolute Odyssey
  49. Wealth Aspects
  50. Color of Money
  51. Royal Management
  52. Investment Architects
  53. Money Masterminds
  54. Genius Solutions
  55. The Bright Sparks
  56. Wealth Control
  57. The Invest Trek
  58. Upward Journey
  59. Capital Voyage

How to Create a Great Investment Group Name

Naming your investment group takes careful consideration. You’ll want to choose a name that reflects your purpose, expertise, and trustworthiness. If none of the options on our list above are quite right for your group, use the following tips to create your own excellent investment group name options:

  • Get inspiration from other investment group names. If you get stuck while brainstorming, it can be helpful to look at other investment group names. You don’t want to steal another group’s name, of course, but looking at different groups can help you see what works — as well as what you don’t want to use. When you figure out your naming preferences, it will be easier to create a new and unique name for your investment group.
  • Make a list of positive investment terms. Think of terms that directly relate to investing or words that apply to your philosophy as an investment professional, such as integrity. Once you create an initial list of words and phrases you like, you can narrow down your favorites. Use a single word for a bold statement, or choose a meaningful phrase.
  • Keep it professional. Humor can be appropriate in some work environments, but since investing puts the client’s money at stake, it’s usually better to choose a name that sounds confident and professional than to choose a funny one. For example, trustworthiness and honesty are popular themes when it comes to investment group names.
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