57 Guild Names

Two video game controllers resting on a table

More than ever, people are looking for games with a strong sense of community to play together with friends.

Many games — particularly mobile games — offer this through “communal playing,” sometimes known as guilds.[1]

Guilds haven’t just played a part in the gaming world. Historically, guilds were formed around professions.

For example, merchants and artisans had guilds that set standards for their work during medieval times.[2]

Today’s gaming guilds serve similar purposes to these historical guilds, allowing players to work toward communal goals, pool their resources through donating and borrowing, and battle against other guilds.[1]

Guild names can range from cool and funny to sinister and serious. It all depends on the type of name that suits your guild best!

Our list features more than 50 options, fitting a range of moods. If you don’t find the perfect name there, we also offer tips for naming your guild yourself.

  1. The Diviner
  2. Unfathomable
  3. Cryptic
  4. Metaphysical
  5. Transcendental
  6. Visionary
  7. Shrewd Enough
  8. Disingenuous
  9. Two-Faced
  10. Profane Vendetta
  11. Tyranny of Ashes
  12. Abandoned Fury
  13. Passive Swords
  14. Infernal Dominion
  15. Sacred Anguish
  16. Enraged Outcast
  17. Thunder Legion
  18. Heart of Doom
  19. Retaliation Curse
  20. Depraved of Retribution
  21. Solar Relics
  22. Ominous Allies
  23. The Moon Elite
  24. Mafia House
  25. Roaring Flames
  26. Defiant Screams
  27. Infernal Nuisance
  28. Wretched
  29. Desolate
  30. Atrocious
  31. In Ruins
  32. Diabolical
  33. Abysmal Depths
  34. Defective
  35. Shades of Hades
  36. Deserted Order
  37. Bold Blades
  38. Rogue Stranger
  39. Shameless Curse
  40. Bitter Frenzy
  41. Mental Assault
  42. Sacred Inferno
  43. Reckless Vengeance
  44. Vicious Voice
  45. Ancient Elixir
  46. Mystic Entity
  47. Fallen Outcast
  48. Sorcery Seeker
  49. Frenetic
  50. Turbulent
  51. Deranged
  52. Berserk
  53. Plague of Rampage
  54. Vanquished Foe
  55. Obliterated Sun
  56. Alchemy Assassin
  57. Demon Paradox

How to Create a Cool Guild Name

Creating a cool and totally unique guild name of your own doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Keep the following tips in mind to create a list of options:

  • Decide what type of guild name you prefer. While having the greatest number of options to choose from might seem better, choosing a mood and sticking with it can actually make it easier to find the perfect name. If you first decide whether you want a funny, self-deprecating, sinister, or another type of guild name, you can focus on finding words and phrases that convey the specific feeling that you want.
  • Take inspiration from other guild names. While you won’t want to take a name that’s already in use, looking at others’ guild names can give you a better idea of the type of name you want. Looking at the names can also help bring new ideas to your mind.
  • Look into the terms and specifics of your game. Guild names can be created by taking a common game term or character and making adjustments to it. For example, you can change the order of the words or add other words or numbers to form a unique phrase.
  • Use our other guild name lists for inspiration. In addition to the list above, we also have several other guild-related name lists, including anime-inspired, assassin, and one-word guild names. Use an option from one of those lists, or find an idea that you like and change it slightly to make it your own!