47 Funny CS:GO Names

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (better known as CS:GO) has one of the highest prize pools of any esports game;[1] needless to say, it’s extremely competitive and popular!

Since its creation, CS:GO has gone from a port with no competitive mode or skins[2] to a huge game with well over 500,000 average monthly players on Steam[3] and a worldwide Major Championship.[4]

CS:GO is a game full of action and battle, but that doesn’t mean your CS:GO name has to be serious or war-oriented. Show off your sense of humor with a funny CS:GO name. We have more than 40 options to choose from below, plus tips to help you create your own unique ideas!

  1. Friendly Fire
  2. Captain VAC Sparrow[5]
  3. Demo Day
  4. Bonus Round
  5. Brostradamus: a play on Nostrodamus[6]
  6. Smoke Screen
  7. Sh4rp Shooter
  8. The Empire Strikes VAC[7]
  9. Decoy Grenade
  10. Brainbug[8]
  11. Molotov Matrix
  12. Jean Claude VACban[7]
  13. Intelligent Zombie[9]
  14. skadoodle[10]
  15. The Flashbangs
  16. s1mple[10]
  17. Toxic Slayer
  18. Snoop Doge[11]
  19. Hype
  20. Average Student[9]
  21. Garbageman[12]
  22. The Pro
  23. YourMom[13]
  24. Still Ragin6
  25. harmlesspotato[6]
  26. Albus Doubledoors: reference to the Harry Potter character Albus Dumbledore[11]
  28. Silver Smurfer[11]
  29. The Suspect[7]
  30. The KniFer
  31. BehindYou[6]
  32. Cowardly Lion[11]
  33. H4teful
  34. Cr4Zed
  35. Shrek[11]
  36. Chemical Reaction
  37. VAC and the Beanstalk[7]
  38. Rage Effect
  39. Fedora the Explorer[6]
  40. Trigger Happy
  41. InJailOutSoon[6]
  42. Wicked
  43. Crazy Cat Lady[6]
  44. GeNer4tion KiLL
  45. Slayers Guild
  46. Toxic Tribe
  47. GuNN3r G4nG

How to Create Funny CS:GO Names

Your sense of humor is uniquely yours, so if you’d prefer to create your own funny CS:GO name, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Use puns and irony. Regardless of your sense of humor, puns and irony are helpful in creating funny profile names or weapon names. You can choose something dark, sarcastic, witty, or cutesy — wordplay is always a good starting point when creating names of any of these types.
  • Keep it short and catchy. Long names can be more difficult to read or might be too long to fit within a character limit (especially if you decide to use the same name for multiple games).
  • Use creative capitalization and spelling. You can take familiar words like “killers” or “shooters” and mix them up with numbers or a combination of capital and small letters. For example, “killers” could become “kiLLers,” or you might spell shooters like “ShOOt3Rs.”
  • Follow the game’s rules and etiquette. Rules aren’t necessarily fun to consider when creating your name, but you definitely want to avoid a ban! Be sure to choose a name that doesn’t appear officially associated with the game or its developer and doesn’t use any vulgar or inappropriate language.
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