67 Persona 5 Group/Team Names

Man's hands holding a PlayStation controller playing Persona 5

Though Persona 5 officially launched in 2017, with Persona 5 Royal following in 2019, the game’s origins really date back to the mid-1990s.

There are 12 Persona games older than Persona 5 — the first (Megami Ibunroku Persona) was released in 1996 as a spin-off of the Japanese franchise Shin Megami Tensei.[1]

Persona 5 teams can be seen as heroes fighting for a better society or dangerous and criminal groups.

The default name of your team will be The Phantoms, but you can create your own name after completing your first heist.[2]

Our list features a selection of creative team names that would work for any Persona 5 or Personal 5 Royal team. If you’d rather create your own team name, we also offer some tips below the list.

  1. Apparition
  2. TheRevenants
  3. Eidolon
  4. Hallucinate
  5. Soul Thieves
  6. Soul Vision
  7. Illusion
  8. Mirage
  9. The Wraiths
  10. CarbonHearts
  11. Chaos[3]
  12. Heist Heroes
  13. Sovereign
  14. Monarchy
  15. Prosperity
  16. Affluence
  17. Tragic
  18. Distinguish
  19. Transformed
  20. Monstrous
  21. Legal Tender
  22. Evangelists[4]
  23. No Value
  24. Manifest
  25. Night Raid[5]
  26. Intruders
  27. Shadow Heart[4]
  28. Muckrakers
  29. Subhuman
  30. Poltergeist[6]
  31. Infiltrators
  32. Mystic Moon[4]
  33. Distorted
  34. Reform Squad
  35. Phantom Pain[6]
  36. Alter Ego
  37. The Nobodies[4]
  38. Evolution
  39. Critical
  40. Memorial
  41. The Senate[3]
  42. Vestige
  43. Fragment
  44. The Avengers[4]
  45. Echo
  46. No Trace
  47. Impression
  48. TheSuperEgos[4]
  49. Remains
  50. Indication
  51. MeddlingKids[4]
  52. Suspicion
  53. Hesitation
  54. Qualms
  55. Dark Justice[6]
  56. Subjugate
  57. Quell
  58. Tranquillize
  59. Angst Squad[5]
  60. Extirpate
  61. Coerce
  62. Tyrant
  63. Merciless
  64. Vanquish
  65. Extinguish
  66. Diminish
  67. Sinister

How to Create Your Own Persona 5 Team Names

Create your own Persona 5 team names using the following tips.

Keep in mind that there is a 12-character maximum for your new name, including spaces.

  • Find a single word that fits your team. There is a virtually unlimited supply of single-word options to choose from for a unique team name. Start with a list of words that come to mind for your team, perhaps having each member contribute a few options, and then look up synonyms or related terms to expand your choices.
  • Your team name can reflect the intentions of your group as good or evil. Depending on your word choice for your Persona 5 team name, you can portray the group as good or evil. If you like a stealthy and mysterious vibe, for example, you won’t want to choose a name related to healing and lightness — unless your team wants to be deceptive!
  • Choose a less common word. Words that are commonly used can make good team names, but for that extra bit of pizzazz, choose an uncommon one. Consider the impression you want the group name to portray, such as funny or brutal. For example, if you want a tough-sounding name, you could use “subjugate,” which is another word for “conquer.”