53 Gaming/Esports Team Names

Gamer sitting at the computer playing a game

Esports have officially made it to the mainstream, with events airing on major networks like ESPN and CBS and easily racking up over a million viewers per broadcast.[1]

However, video game competitions aren’t a new phenomenon — they’ve actually been around since approximately the 1970s when students began gathering to battle each other on games like Spacewar.[2]

Today, esports offer larger prizes than Wimbledon. They’re actually considered the fourth largest international sporting events in the world, behind only the Olympics, the World Cup, and Formula 1.[3]

Estimates place the total worldwide audience for esports at more than 400 million, and the worldwide market revenue totals over $1 billion.[4]

Gaming and esports team names are best when they’re unique and catchy. Our list features general team name ideas that can be used for any type of gaming team.

If you’re interested in creating a team name of your own, we also offer some tips below the list to help you brainstorm.

  1. Atomic Frenzy
  2. Short Circuits
  3. Inflammable, Inc.
  4. Atmospheric Overlords
  5. Chemical Collective
  6. Not Spontaneous
  7. Catastrophic Company
  8. Frenetic Savages
  9. Jailbreakers
  10. Bulletproof
  11. Tumultuous
  12. Aggressive Androids
  13. Ravens in Shadows
  14. Frenzied Ogres
  15. Maniacal Matrix
  16. Raging Rebels
  17. Frantic Dimensions
  18. Dragonslayer Division
  19. Perpetually Frenzied
  20. Tormented Warriors
  21. Volcanic Society
  22. Ferocious Forces
  23. Nuclear Nation
  24. The Electrified Ones
  25. Hypersonic Regime
  26. Contaminated
  27. Vicious & Venomous
  28. Distorted Ones
  29. Wasteland Assassins
  30. Feral & Furious
  31. Virtual Phantoms
  32. Landmine Legacy
  33. Crazed & Corrupt
  34. Blazing Battalion
  35. Tyrant Tactics
  36. Chaos Comrades
  37. Synthetic Wrath
  38. The Saber Flares
  39. Archers Uncontrolled
  40. Turbo Eclipse
  41. Phoenix Rising
  42. Rogue Rivals
  43. Strife Status
  44. Adversary Antagonists
  45. Mortal Enemies
  46. Battle Clash Wizards
  47. Pyromaniac Posse
  48. Deep Space Thunder
  49. Supernaturally Shielded
  50. Rockets of Rage
  51. Short Fuse Force
  52. Crimson Fiends
  53. Deranged Warfare

How to Create Your Own Team Gaming/Esports Name

Team names for gaming and esports should suit your team’s interests, be unique to your team, and be memorable.

Create your own esports or gaming team name using the following tips:

  • Choose your tone wisely. Do you want a name that’s intimidating, makes your team laugh, or seems disarmingly sweet? Decide with your team what you’d like your name to convey before coming up with any options. This will help you focus and easily eliminate any ideas that don’t suit your team perfectly.
  • Get inspiration directly from the games you love. Plenty of inspiration is waiting to be discovered within your favorite games. Whether your team plays one particular game or just has a favorite type of game, you can get ideas from the gameplay itself. Think of characters, game-specific terminology, places within the game, or anything else that relates to your favorites and resonates with your teammates.
  • Use words that are competition-related. The purpose of your team is to have fun playing your favorite games — but it’s also to win! Call upon competition itself for inspiration. Look up or brainstorm a list of words related to competitiveness — for each word you find, you can look up synonyms for even more options to choose from. Terms like “battle” and “champion” can form a great basis for your team name.
  • If competing, check the rules. Esports events might set restrictions on the type of name you can use for your team — for example, no foul language. Keep the competition rules in mind if you’re using your team name in this environment rather than just for everyday gaming among friends.