47 Diversity and Inclusion Team Names

Diversity and inclusion team meeting at a company

Diversity recognizes that everyone is different, and inclusion means that people aren’t excluded but are valued for their differences.

A lack of diversity and inclusion is shown to lead directly to discrimination.[1]

A study of Millennials and Gen Z reveals that almost 50% of job seekers in that age group look for inclusive employers. Diversity and inclusion are essential when it comes to hiring and retaining the best talent.[1]

Our list of diversity and inclusion team names features a range of great options suitable for any group. If you’d like to create your own team name, we also offer some tips below the list.

  1. Aligned
  2. Side by Side
  3. One for All
  4. Tapestry
  5. Spectrum
  6. Variety
  7. The Medley
  8. Strength in Differences
  9. Array
  10. Compilation
  11. Patchwork
  12. We Belong
  13. Including YOU!
  14. Justice
  15. Better Together
  16. Voices Heard
  17. Universal Union
  18. [Company Name] Diversity & Inclusion Council[2]
  19. Allies Inc.
  20. The Advocates
  21. Renaissance
  22. Without Exception
  23. Embrace
  24. No Limits
  25. Contrast
  26. [Company Name] Diversity Network[2]
  27. Beyond Differences
  28. All-Inclusive
  29. The Allies
  30. Common Ground
  31. Differences Welcome!
  32. Global Impact
  33. No Different
  34. Multicultural Matrix
  35. Equality
  36. Unanimous
  37. Fairness Force
  38. A Lot Alike
  39. Change Makers
  40. United
  41. Shoulder to Shoulder
  42. Undivided
  43. Contrast
  44. Divergence
  45. [Company Name] Inclusion Alliance
  46. No Limits
  47. Distinctive

How to Create Your Own Diversity and Inclusion Team Names

Create your own diversity and inclusion team names using the following tips:

  • Choose a single word that encompasses the meaning of diversity and inclusion. This can be as simple as looking up the meaning of the words “diversity” and “inclusion” and considering all synonyms. Dig through all of the terms that reflect your team’s goals until you find the perfect one.
  • Keep it professional and positive. Your name can be creative and inspiring but should still sound professional and appropriate for the group’s setting. Keeping a positive tone is also best since your goal is to be welcoming to everyone!
  • Find a quote about diversity and inclusion that you love and create a team name using it. For example, a quote may talk about how our strength is in our differences rather than our similarities, so you could create a team name like Strength in Differences.
  • Get inspiration from your team. Have your team members each submit a team name option and put the final choice to a vote. If several names end up at the top, you may be able to find a way to combine several choices into one unique name. Get creative!
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