57 Team Names for Dentists, Dental Professionals

Dentistry is an essential profession. It’s also one of the oldest. While the first recognized dentist lived around 2600 BC, the general field of dentistry dates back to around 7,000 BC.[1]

Dental knowledge and treatments have come a long way since then — for example, until the 1700s, even dental professionals believed that tooth worms caused decay![2] Today, advanced treatments like same-day implants are the norm.

Whether your dental team is learning new techniques, practicing dentistry in a shared office, or hanging out after office hours, we have more than 50 team names for dentists and other dental professionals to choose from. If none of the names on our list are perfect for your team, scroll below for tips that’ll help you create your own personalized team name!

  1. Cuspid Collective
  2. The Incisors
  3. Bitewing Battalion
  4. Amalgam Alliance
  5. Minty Fresh
  6. The Floss Force
  7. Brush-A-Brush
  8. Calculus Group
  9. Zero Caries
  10. Pits & Fissures
  11. The Molar Matrix
  12. Rogue Root Canals
  13. Impressions
  14. Six Month Reminders
  15. The Lead Aprons
  16. Autoclave Association
  17. Roots of Wisdom
  18. Fluoride Friends
  19. Suction Squad
  20. Tooth Fairies
  21. Hygienists Heroes
  22. FLOSSophy
  23. The Whole Tooth
  24. BlueTooth Blitz
  25. The Drill Derelicts
  26. Bracing Ourselves
  27. In the Gap
  28. The Care Crew
  29. Molar Bears
  30. Enamel Cruelty Fighters
  31. We Pik You!
  32. Sweet Tooth Society
  33. Wisdom Warriors
  34. The Crowns
  35. First Impressions
  36. The Molar the Merrier
  37. Bracing Ourselves
  38. We Have Fillings Too
  39. MOLARchy
  40. Plaque Posse
  41. We See Numb People
  42. The Tartar Troop
  43. Cavities Beware!
  44. The Molar Vortex
  45. So Enameled
  46. Down in the Mouth
  47. Fine-Toothed Force
  48. Caps & Robbers
  49. Daily Flossers
  50. Plaque To the Future
  51. TranscenDENTAL
  52. The Drill Sergeants
  53. AcciDENTAL
  54. We Know the Drill
  55. Molar Opposites
  56. Denture Diablos
  57. The Dental Ninjas

How to Create a Great Dental Team Name

Dentistry is a serious field that requires a lot of skill, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun creating your dental team name. If none of our options above strike you, come up with a unique name of your own. Keep the following tips in mind to formulate a great team name for dentists:

  • Use humor with standard dental terms. Humor goes a long way when it comes to lightening up technical dental terms and creating team names with them. Even the most uncommon dental terms may work as team names if you add a fun, random word to accompany them.
  • Find out what motivates your team. You may want a team name that’s completely unrelated to dental terminology. If so, you can create one from a word or phrase that’s motivational to your team. Think of your favorite inspiring words and phrases — the mantras that keep your practice running smoothly. You can even ask your team for suggestions or call a vote to decide on the best name.
  • Create puns. Puns always make popular team names for their humor and creativity, striking that perfect balance between making you cringe and making you laugh. You can look up some dental puns and use them for inspiration or make up your own. Get creative and have fun with it!
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