57 Science Team Names

Science team or club names can be fun while highlighting the educational and complex aspects of science. We have 57 scientifically-inclined team names below, plus tips for creating your own name.

  1. Hypothesis Heroes
  2. Petri Dish Culture
  3. Bacteria Battalion
  4. The Mold Growers
  5. Life Science Legion
  6. Genetics Gang
  7. Pure Genus: a play on “pure genius”
  8. Sunspot Squad
  9. The pH Posse
  10. Hazardous Effects
  11. Rogue Robotics
  12. Good as Nuclear: a play on “good as new”
  13. Corroded Connections
  14. Experimental Enzymes
  15. Up and Atom: a play on “up and at ’em”
  16. Solar Energy Squad
  17. Raging Recyclers
  18. Organic Alternatives
  19. Happy Oxidants: a play on “happy accidents”
  20. The Friction Force
  21. Static vs. Kinetic
  22. Chemical Comrades
  23. Everyday Chemists
  24. Ion the Prize: a play on “eye on the prize”
  25. Strong as Magnets
  26. Elements Matter
  27. The Atom Alliance
  28. FUSIONably Late: a play on “fashionably late”
  29. Electrical Ions
  30. Molecules Matrix
  31. The Beaker’s Dozen: a play on “baker’s dozen”
  32. Oxidantal Heroes: a play on “accidental heroes”
  33. Rogue Reactions
  34. Fusion Force
  35. ExperiMEANTS
  36. On a Fission: a play on “on a mission”
  37. The Ion Kings
  38. Losing Our Molecules
  39. Seen STEM All
  40. Research & Rescue: a play on “search and rescue”
  41. Ionic Images
  42. Loud & Nuclear
  43. Mold Diggers: a play on “gold diggers”
  44. Fission Impossible
  45. Study as We Go: a play on “steady as we go”
  46. Motion Accomplished
  47. It’s All Relativity: a play on “it’s all relative”
  48. Ionic Celebrities
  49. The Alloy Cats: a play on “alley cats”
  50. Genuine Particles
  51. Cool Genes
  52. Less Is Spore: a play on “less is more”
  53. Change of Space
  54. Spore of the Moment: a play on “spur of the moment”
  55. Book Germs
  56. Oxide the Box: a play on “outside the box”
  57. On the Wild Slide: a play on “on the wild side”

How to Create the Perfect Science Team/Club Name

If you’d prefer to create your own science team or club name, use our tips to help you brainstorm and find the best option:

  • Use basic science terms. Think about your favorite topics or specialties in science and use particular terminology that interests you to build your team name. Choose terms that you use daily in your studies or work, or choose a less commonly known term for a unique and smart team name.
  • Think about past projects. Similar to calling upon science terms for inspiration, you can think about projects you’ve completed in the past to get inspiration. If there was an experiment you really enjoyed or where you made a significant discovery, use some element of that project to create your team name.
  • Use books for inspiration. You may find a unique science team name by simply flipping through a textbook or reference book. Movies and games that are about science (or loosely related, such as science fiction) can provide excellent sources of inspiration as well. Think out of the box!
  • Mix things up. If you like several science team names on our list, mix them up by removing or changing words to create your own unique name.