53 Youth Group Names

Youth group names are meant to “fire up” the group’s members in their faith and create a vibe that will encourage others to join in the fun. These names can be inspirational, powerful, or just plain catchy. We have more than 50 ready-to-use youth group names below — plus, if you want to create your own youth group name, we provide tips after the list.

  1. Forgiven
  2. Warriors
  3. Defeaters
  4. Journey On
  5. Renewed
  6. Ignition
  7. Still Growing
  8. Leading the Way
  9. Rescuers
  10. 3:16 Squad
  11. Pardoned Posse
  12. Revival Society
  13. Intentional
  14. Revolutionized
  15. Conversion Connection
  16. Altered at the Altar
  17. ALTARations
  18. Reflections
  19. Metamorphosis
  20. Team Trek
  21. Lifelong Journey
  22. B.A.S.I.C.: short for “become a soldier in Christ”
  23. The Voyagers
  24. Soul Expedition
  25. F.R.O.G.: short for “fully relying on God”
  26. On Assignment
  27. H.O.P.E.: short for “holding onto promises expectations”
  28. Truth Quest
  29. Generating Fun
  30. Faith Surrender
  31. Bold Battalion
  32. W.I.S.E.: short for “wear smiles, ignite souls, serve, and encourage”
  33. P.R.A.Y.: short for “pray, repent, ask, yield”
  34. Odyssey Oasis
  35. Gathering In
  36. N.O.W.: short for “no opportunities wasted”
  37. The Stalwarts
  38. Unfaltering Force
  39. Through & Through
  40. B.R.E.A.D.: short for “bible reveals every answer directly”
  41. To the Max
  42. Full Faith, Inc.
  43. In His Image
  44. Steadfast & Spirited
  45. Praise Mash-Up
  46. Above All
  47. Hopeful Hearts
  48. Next Generation
  49. Fresh Approach
  50. Standing Amazed
  51. No More Chains!
  52. Comfort Zone
  53. Awakening

How to Create a Fun Youth Group Name

Youth group is meant to be a fun and casual way for young people to connect with like-minded peers and engage with their faith. Create a cool youth group name all your own using the following tips:

  • Decide on an image. Your group name will create a mental image for those in your group and others around the group, such as potential new members. Be sure the name you choose accurately reflects the group’s tone, purpose, and welcoming nature.
  • Choose motivational words and phrases. Youth groups are all about having fun while growing in faith, teaching others about faith, and keeping motivated. Choose positive words and phrases that will leave your group members feeling inspired.
  • Have a naming contest. Youth group members may want to be involved with the creation of the group’s name. Having a brainstorming session with the entire group will allow everyone to suggest options that are meaningful to them. It’ll also allow the group leader some insight into the group members and how to best lead and motivate the group. Put the final choices to a group vote for fairness and to find a name that perfectly reflects the group.
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