79 Outreach Ministry Names

Outreach ministry plays an important role in providing support to your community, as well as spreading the gospel and spreading love. Below, we list more than 70 name ideas that you may use for your outreach ministry. Beneath the list, we also have tips for creating your own outreach ministry name.

  1. The Good Samaritans
  2. Benevolence Brigade
  3. Reaching Out
  4. Unlimited Mercy
  5. For the Least
  6. Able to Serve
  7. Called to Care
  8. Strategic Opportunities
  9. Beyond Our Congregation
  10. The Hope in Us
  11. Community Collective
  12. Hearts on Fire
  13. Reflecting His Heart
  14. Christ’s Crowd[1]
  15. The Generosity Group
  16. Using Our Gifts
  17. The Local League
  18. Propelled[1]
  19. Life Changers Club
  20. The Compassion Crew
  21. Open Door[1]
  22. His Hands & Feet
  23. Serving in Deed
  24. Beyond Church Walls
  25. Disciples of Hope[1]
  26. Made to Serve
  27. No Service Too Small
  28. Doing What We Can
  29. Kindle[1]
  30. Emphasis on Priorities
  31. Our Best Efforts
  32. The Samaritan Squad
  33. We Will Testify[1]
  34. Believer’s Network
  35. Faith Awakeners
  36. Spreading the Word
  37. Illumin8[1]
  38. It’s Not About Us
  39. Outreach Network
  40. Company of Christ[1]
  41. With Outstretched Arms
  42. Everlasting Kindness
  43. Devoted to Fellowship
  44. A Bond of Peace
  45. PowerWalk[1]
  46. Community in Unity
  47. Humble in Spirit
  48. The Kindhearted Krew
  49. All God’s Family[1]
  50. Clothed in Humility
  51. Stewards of Grace
  52. Letting Compassion Lead
  53. Quest[1]
  54. Unceasing Witness
  55. Expressions of Faith
  56. The Dedicated Disciples
  57. Love God, Love People
  58. Deliver Hope[2]
  59. Showing the Way
  60. Obeying the Call
  61. With Reckless Abandon
  62. Following Where He Leads
  63. Team Wholly Devoted
  64. A Heart for People
  65. The Nerve to Serve[2]
  66. Needs Identified
  67. Bridging the Gap
  68. Solace Through Sharing
  69. Kindness at Random
  70. Walk Worthy[2]
  71. Blessing Others Always
  72. Outreach Assets Alliance
  73. He Leads, We Follow
  74. Victorious Visions
  75. Reflections of Joy
  76. Venture[2]
  77. Motivated by Grace
  78. Compassionate Exchange
  79. Send[2]

How to Create a Good Outreach Ministry Name

Naming your outreach ministry can go beyond just using [Your Church] Outreach. You can come up with a much more inspiring and caring name that reflects the mission of your outreach group. Keep the following tips in mind to create your own name, should you choose not to use any of the ideas from our list:

  • Get inspiration from your purpose. Outreach groups can either lend support to the community in general or serve a very specific purpose, such as youth or elderly outreach. Use the focus of your group to inspire your name, and be sure the name is age/demographic appropriate for those with whom you will interact.
  • Keep a positive tone. Your outreach ministry may be working with underprivileged or struggling people in your community. A positive name is a perfect opportunity to make those you are helping feel comfortable and welcome. It will also help you leave a great first impression.
  • Don’t use too much insider lingo. The whole purpose of outreach is to extend your support and teaching to those who may not usually turn to the church (either because they can’t, such as those who are homebound, or because they don’t want to). In order not to make any assumptions about or alienate the subjects of your outreach program, avoid using any “insider” terminology that only Biblical scholars or the highly devout would understand.
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