191 Sunday School Class Names for Adults, Teens, and Kids

Sunday school is a time for worshipers of all ages to learn and grow in their faith. If you’re creating or redesigning a class and need a great name, see our list of class names by age group below or scroll below the list for tips on how to create your own neat class name!


Even adults are continually learning and growing! Adult Sunday school class names should be positive and welcoming, both to those who have grown up in the faith and those who are new to it. See our ideas below, and find more in our list of church group names for adults.

  1. Journey of Insight
  2. Renewed Each Day
  3. Living Proof
  4. Filled With Praise
  5. Building Hope
  6. Fervent Jubilee
  7. A Purposeful Walk
  8. Significant Joy
  9. Answering the Call
  10. Drawing Close
  11. Core Foundation
  12. Hearts Reformed
  13. New Every Morning
  14. Glory Days
  15. Filled With Peace
  16. To Glorify Him
  17. Building Our Faith
  18. Collective Truth Seekers[1]
  19. Journey With Jesus
  20. Joy Revelation
  21. Purposeful
  22. Significant Faith
  23. Anticipating Glory
  24. Enlighten Us
  25. Rekindled
  26. Grace Has Found Us[2]
  27. Journey to Glory
  28. Living in His Light
  29. Soul Guardians
  30. Gathering With Praise
  31. Our Soul Refuge
  32. Redeemed and Reconciled
  33. Awaiting His Guidance[1]
  34. Reflections of Peace
  35. Our Lighthouse
  36. Commitment to Praise
  37. Impacting Our World
  38. Devoted Prayer Warriors
  39. Daily Praise Journey
  40. Core Worship
  41. Agape Collective
  42. Beacons of Light
  43. Heirs of Salvation[1]
  44. Continuous Joy
  45. Driven to Praise
  46. Tethered in Faith
  47. Revelations of Hope
  48. Steadfast and Devoted
  49. Holiness is Calling[1]
  50. Committed to Worship
  51. Solid Faithfulness
  52. Agape Hearts
  53. An Anchor in the Storm
  54. Embracing Worship
  55. His Flock[1]
  56. Trust Renewed


Sunday school classes for teens begin to tackle more complex topics and help teens find their place in the faith and their world. Our class names for teens reflect a more contemplative class environment than a children’s class. We also provide hopeful names that can inspire teens to devote themselves to their faith.

  1. Rock Solid Faith
  2. Ignited
  3. Team 3:16
  4. Standing on Truth
  5. Devoted Disciples
  6. Faith Quest
  7. Souls Unswerving
  8. Fired Up
  9. Empowered
  10. Truth in Unity
  11. Inquiring Minds
  12. Faith Seekers
  13. The Followers
  14. Defending Our Faith
  15. Jolted
  16. FM “Follow Me”[3]
  17. Propelled
  18. Bold for Jesus
  19. Sincere Faith
  20. Rock Solid
  21. Light Seekers
  22. Transformed
  23. Standing Firm
  24. L.G.L.P. “Love God Love People”[3]
  25. Immovable
  26. Faith Foundation
  27. Trailblazers
  28. Souls Ignited
  29. Our Purpose
  30. Shield of Faith
  31. Command Keepers
  32. Lost & Found[3]
  33. Walking Wise
  34. Kingdom Oasis
  35. Path to Praise
  36. Solid Praise
  37. Profound Purpose
  38. Faithline
  39. Life Lessons
  40. Freedom in Faith
  41. On the Move[3]
  42. Soul Fire
  43. Undiluted Worship
  44. Victory Resounds
  45. Being Bold
  46. Faith Generation
  47. Unconditional Faith
  48. Souls Ablaze
  49. Life Purpose
  50. Young Worshipers
  51. Pathfinders
  52. Embracing Hope
  53. Vision of Honor
  54. Zealous Faith
  55. Youth With Heart
  56. Voyage Through Fire
  57. Three18 (Peter 3:18)[3]
  58. World Changers
  59. Bold Generation
  60. Thriving in the Light
  61. Glorify and Grow
  62. Radical Refuge
  63. Praise Epidemic


Children’s Sunday school classes provide social connections and learning activities that form a child’s religious foundation. Our name suggestions will let the kids at your church know that they can expect to have fun while they learn!

  1. Adventures With Jesus
  2. Gospel Adventurers
  3. Letting Our Light Shine
  4. Bridge to Jesus
  5. Sparks
  6. Little Fishers
  7. We’ve Got Joy!
  8. Precious in His Sight
  9. Bible Adventures
  10. Kid’s Connections
  11. Reaching Up
  12. Voyagers
  13. Praise Company
  14. A.R.K. “Amazing Redeemed Kids”[4]
  15. Joy in Our Hearts
  16. These Little Lights
  17. Little Learners
  18. Praise Playground
  19. Faith Flight
  20. Sparks of Faith
  21. B.L.A.S.T. “Believe, Learn, and Seek Truth”[4]
  22. Kid’s Club
  23. Little Angels
  24. Kind Helpers
  25. C.I.A. “Christians in Action”[5]
  26. King’s Kids
  27. Good News Crew
  28. Happy and We Know It!
  29. Jumping for Jesus
  30. Gospel Squad
  31. We Love Jesus!
  32. Construction Zone[5]
  33. Praise Garden
  34. Children’s Church
  35. Learning for Jesus
  36. Bible Buddies
  37. Sharing God’s Story
  38. Eyes on Jesus
  39. Starting Point
  40. Reaching for Jesus
  41. Gospel Odyssey
  42. Following Jesus
  43. J.A.M. “Jesus and Me”[5]
  44. Bible Club
  45. The Jesus Squad
  46. Team Jesus
  47. Worship Quest
  48. First Steps
  49. Yes! to Jesus
  50. Joyful Noises
  51. First Steps With Christ
  52. Gospel Connection
  53. Children of Praise
  54. Worship Trek
  55. Little Hearts of Faith
  56. Jesus Loves Us
  57. K.O.T.R. “Kids on the Rock”[5]
  58. Shine, Shine, Shine
  59. Little Blessings
  60. Bible Basics
  61. Adventures in Worship
  62. Praise and Prayers
  63. Growing With Jesus
  64. The Crosswalkers
  65. Gospel Safari

How to Create a Great Sunday School Class Name

Taking inspiration from the Bible and other texts you’ll be studying can help inspire your Sunday school class name, but as seen in our list above, class names should also be memorable and inspirational. The best Sunday school class names will make people look forward to joining the group and taking part in weekly meetings. Additionally, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Use exciting and inspiring words. For kids, words like “adventure” are great — they can help a child become excited about learning and feel like they’re going on a quest each week. For teens and adults, words like “hope,” “honor,” “refuge,” and “peace” can affirm the group members’ faith and help them see their class as a weekly retreat rather than an obligation.
  • Keep the name short and catchy. This will make it easy for group members to remember — and easier to say when making plans for the class or inviting potential new members.
  • Keep it simple… but not too simple. Names that include too much “insider” jargon can be intimidating for members that are new to the faith, so keep it simple. Names that are too simple, though, like “Women’s Study Group,” are unmemorable and may make it more challenging to attract new members. Try to strike a balance between the two.
  • Consider who is taking the class. As you can see in our list above, it’s essential to consider the age group that will be participating in the Sunday school class. A name that’s appropriate for an adult class might not make much sense to elementary-aged children or other young learners.
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  4. Life Parables
  5. Sacred Journey
  6. Living Way Legacy
  7. Fervent Joy
  8. Refreshed
  9. Profound Worship
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