41 Prayer Group Name Ideas Listed

Prayer groups are an important part of any church community, providing encouragement and support to those who need prayers, and offering church members an opportunity to come together and practice their faith. Below, we have 40 prayer group name suggestions, as well as tips for creating your own prayer group name.

  1. 3P’s: Prayer, Purpose, Peace
  2. J-Walkers: Jesus Walkers
  3. Faith Found
  4. Power in Prayer
  5. God’s Group
  6. Jesus Soldiers
  7. Jesus Freaks
  8. Agape
  9. God’s Family
  10. Brothers and Sisters
  11. God’s Gang
  12. Gratitude Gang
  13. Abundance Activation
  14. Illumin8
  15. Activ8
  16. Elev8
  17. Women of Faith
  18. Live Fearlessly
  19. Love Fearlessly
  20. LOL: Love Out Loud, Live Out Loud
  21. Hope’s Crew
  22. Faith Factor
  23. Love Factor
  24. Arise and Shine
  25. Believers
  26. SWA: Serving With Acceptance
  27. Manifesting Miracles
  28. Prayer Soldiers
  29. Fellowship of Disciples
  30. No Limits
  31. Servants of Light
  32. Children of God
  33. Soul Food
  34. Soul Sisters
  35. Brotherly Love
  36. One Love
  37. Hope Out Loud
  38. SOS: Servants of Salvation
  39. God Squad
  40. Sharing and Caring
  41. Rise Above

How to Create a Good Prayer Group Name

A prayer group name should be positive, hopeful, and welcoming. You should also keep in mind that prayer groups often deal with serious problems within the church community, such as illness — so it’s usually not appropriate to choose a very lighthearted name. (The name doesn’t need to be somber, but it should be respectful to the challenges the community is facing.)

As is true for general church group names, you can get inspiration from the text of the Bible, as well as worship music and general concepts of your religion. You can also incorporate words that reflect the specific purpose of the group. For example, if it is a women’s prayer group, you can include something in the group name to indicate that it is open to women in your church.

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