159 Women’s Ministry Group Names

A good women’s ministry name can inspire your members and help draw new people to your group. See our list of women’s ministry group name ideas below, plus tips for creating your own unique name!

  1. The Lord’s Ladies
  2. Sisters of Strength
  3. Women Renewed
  4. Daughters of a Mighty Father
  5. Overflowing Hearts
  6. EmpowHer
  7. Women of Worth
  8. Seeking Sisters
  9. Devoted Women
  10. Our Hope Is in Him
  11. Flourishing in Christ
  12. Rejoicing Always
  13. Infinite Hope
  14. Living to Worship
  15. Faith Over Fear
  16. Women at the Well
  17. Letting Our Light Shine
  18. He Restores Our Souls
  19. Our Hope Endures
  20. Hearts Set On Things Above
  21. Powerful Praying Women
  22. Sharing Our Faith
  23. Always Rejoicing
  24. Committed to Christ
  25. Everlasting Faith
  26. Clothed in Strength
  27. Bloom
  28. Women of Victory
  29. Blossoming Souls
  30. We Exalt Him
  31. Immeasurable Joy
  32. Christ is Our Oasis
  33. Clothed in Hope
  34. Abiding in Christ
  35. We Bow Down
  36. A Heavenly Place
  37. Dwelling in His Shelter
  38. A Lamp For Our Feet
  39. Renewed
  40. Beams of Light
  41. Disciple Daughters
  42. A Light For Our Path
  43. Give Us Jesus
  44. All to Him We Owe
  45. Beams of Joy
  46. Women of Valor
  47. Our Savior Leads Us
  48. Awakened
  49. Glimpses of Glory
  50. Beams of Hope
  51. Girls of Grace
  52. Hope Out Loud
  53. Team Alleluia!
  54. Soul Sisters
  55. Lights Burning Bright
  56. Clothed in Dignity
  57. Beauty and Grace
  58. We Are Enough
  59. Believing in His Word
  60. Clothed in Joy
  61. Bible Cafe
  62. Jesus is Ours
  63. By His Wounds
  64. Christ is Our King
  65. His Love Rescues Us
  66. Gracious Women of God
  67. Draw Us Close
  68. Clothed in Humility
  69. Flourishing in Christ
  70. Eternal Hope
  71. Faith-Filled
  72. Church Chicas
  73. Finding Peace
  74. Fountain of Blessings
  75. Girls Gathering Together
  76. Growing in Wisdom
  77. Healing Our Souls
  78. Seeking Peace Like a River
  79. Glorifying Him
  80. Jesus Keep Us Near
  81. God Is In Control
  82. Ladies for the Lord
  83. We Are Yours Lord
  84. God Is With Us
  85. Growing in Faith
  86. Precious Lord, Take Our Hands
  87. Rejoicing in the Lord Always
  88. Our Victory is in Jesus
  89. He Is Our Light
  90. It Is Well With Our Souls
  91. Infinite Love
  92. In the Palm of His Hands
  93. Jesus is Ours
  94. Our Greatest Purpose
  95. Jesus Keep Us Near
  96. Sheltered in God’s Arms
  97. Joy In The Lord
  98. United in Hope
  99. Walking Closely With Jesus
  100. Laughing Without Fear
  101. Our Savior, Our God
  102. Lead Us, Guide Us
  103. Lead Us to the Cross
  104. Living Christ’s Love
  105. We Love to Praise
  106. Living Compassion
  107. Circle of Friends
  108. Living Out Loud
  109. We Trust In You
  110. Looking Upward
  111. We Will Praise Him
  112. New Life in Christ
  113. On Fire for Christ
  114. All Are Welcome
  115. Rekindled
  116. Our All in All
  117. We Are Transformed
  118. Sun of Our Soul
  119. Our Greatest Mission
  120. Women of Faith
  121. Transformed
  122. Our Shepherd Leads Us
  123. Walking by Faith
  124. Our Song Shall Rise to Thee
  125. Points of Grace
  126. The Lord is Our Strength
  127. We Surrender All
  128. Praising Our Father
  129. Steady On
  130. Praising Our Savior
  131. We Owe Him All
  132. Rescued
  133. Saving Grace
  134. Seeking Refuge in Christ
  135. We All Need Jesus
  136. Hold Our Hearts
  137. Send Us, Lord
  138. Inspired by Glory
  139. Women of Joy
  140. Taking Up Our Cross
  141. The Lord is Our Shepherd
  142. Walking With God
  143. Thy Presence Our Light
  144. We Come With Joy
  145. Treasured Hearts
  146. Truth Seekers
  147. Washed in His Blood
  148. We Are Adored
  149. Awaken Our Souls
  150. We Come to the Garden
  151. Here We Are, Lord
  152. Women of Hope
  153. Reborn in Christ
  154. Women of Strength
  155. Church Chicks
  156. Staying Inspired
  157. Taking Everything to God in Prayer
  158. Victory in Jesus
  159. You Are Loved

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How to Create a Good Women’s Ministry Group Name

The best women’s ministry group names are both reverent and welcoming, conveying the group’s devotion and purpose. To create your own unique women’s ministry group name, consider the following tips, which we used when creating our list:

  • Take inspiration from your Bible — and elsewhere. If there’s a particular verse, quote, or song that you love, you can use or adapt the words to create your women’s ministry name. For example, “Clothed in Strength” comes from Proverbs 31:25; “Clothed in Hope” is inspired by the same passage, but puts a unique spin on it. You can listen to worship music, read through your favorite passages, or even listen to sermons and faith-based podcasts for inspiration.
  • Choose a positive, affirming name. A women’s ministry group helps its members learn and grow in their faith. A positive and affirming name will help your members feel motivated and inspired to continue their growth. It will also contribute to your group’s welcoming atmosphere.
  • Consider your audience. You should consider the demographics of your group, the other groups available at your church, and the type of people you want to attract when choosing your ministry name. While you don’t need to include a word like “women” or “ladies” in your group name, these can help potential new members find your women’s ministry more easily (especially if you promote the group on social media or your church website). However, group names that don’t include these words may attract a wider range of potential members; for example, a young adult woman may assume that a “ladies” group would exclude her based on her age.
  • Be inclusive and avoid using “insider” jargon. Some current or potential members of your ministry group may be new to the faith or new to deeper religious study. Terms like “anointed” or “koinonia” may be confusing or intimidating to these members. As noted above, your group name should be welcoming; using too much jargon can make the group seem more exclusive than it is and discourage people from joining.
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