173 Church Group Names for Adults

Church group names serve a wide variety of purposes, from prayer groups to bible study groups to featured singers. Find a great name for your adult church group below, or see our tips for creating your own unique church group name.

  1. Unswerving Faith
  2. A Place for Truth
  3. Awaken Our Souls
  4. We Stand in Awe
  5. Unconditionally Free
  6. Disciples of Truth
  7. Echoes of Mercy
  8. Be the Light
  9. Peace is Ours
  10. Conquerors
  11. Ambassadors for Christ
  12. Mended and Whole
  13. Called to Greatness
  14. Anointed
  15. We Found Hope
  16. Victorious
  17. ALTARed[1]
  18. Waiting on the Lord
  19. We Will Thrive
  20. A Faith Revelation
  21. A Place for Truth
  22. Zealous for Jesus
  23. Always Steadfast
  24. Super Soul Sessions
  25. Awaiting His Guidance
  26. We Are Transformed
  27. Bible Troupe
  28. Seeking Blessed Peace
  29. Breakthrough Brigade
  30. Endless Hallelujah
  31. Soul Fuel
  32. Collective Devotion
  33. Awaiting His Guidance
  34. Reflect + Revive[1]
  35. Collective Joy
  36. Group of Grace
  37. Connected in Christ
  38. Soul Squad
  39. Cornerstone
  40. Refuge for Our Souls
  41. CrossWay
  42. Dedicated
  43. Exuberant
  44. Delivering Hope
  45. Overcomers
  46. Heirs of Salvation
  47. Grace Has Found Us
  48. Desiring Truth
  49. Rooted in Christ
  50. Forever Changed
  51. J-Walkers (Walking With Jesus)[1]
  52. Ever Near Him
  53. Faithful and True
  54. Redemption Squad
  55. Sanctified
  56. Propelled Toward Truth
  57. Drawing Close to Him
  58. Gathered In Mercy
  59. Refreshing Grace
  60. Getting Personal With God
  61. Collective Truth Seekers
  62. Glory Unspeakable
  63. Every Chain Will Break
  64. ReGeneration[2]
  65. Exalted Forever
  66. Hearts Overflowing
  67. Fields of Grace
  68. He Reigns
  69. We Belong to God
  70. His Love Carries Us
  71. Jesus Leads Us All The Way
  72. His Ways are Greater
  73. God’s Grace Has Set Us Free
  74. Holiness is Calling
  75. Being God’s Beloved
  76. Honoring Our Savior
  77. Illuminated
  78. Inspiring Devotion
  79. Jesus Eclipses All
  80. More to This Life
  81. C.I.A. (Christians In Action)[1]
  82. Joyful Congregation
  83. Keeping Our Eyes On Jesus
  84. Leaning on Jesus
  85. Standing in Awe
  86. Letting His Light Shine
  87. Bible Believers
  88. Movers and Seekers
  89. Seeing the Light
  90. Never Ceasing to Worship Him
  91. Worthy Warriors[1]
  92. No Exclusions
  93. His Flock
  94. Nothing Is Impossible
  95. Good, God-Loving People
  96. One Truth
  97. His Huddle
  98. Heirs of Salvation
  99. Our Chains Are Gone
  100. Collective Faith
  101. Gomorrah Forecast[3]
  102. Our Spiritual Lifeline
  103. Glory Bound
  104. Reconciled
  105. Our Oasis
  106. Pathfinder
  107. All God’s Family
  108. Jesus Is Our Everything
  109. Power in Prayer
  110. Lead to the Cross
  111. Praising Without Ceasing
  112. Hold Us Jesus
  113. Proclaiming Our Salvation
  114. God’s Hand Leads
  115. Protection From the Storm
  116. Offering Up Our Lives
  117. Pure Devotion
  118. Quenched
  119. Looking Above
  120. Professing Our Faith
  121. Born of His Spirit
  122. Revive Us
  123. Set Us Free
  124. Forever His Followers
  125. Shelter in the Storm
  126. Proclaim His Name
  127. Soul Testament
  128. Fellowship of Souls
  129. Standing on the Rock
  130. Christ is Our Strength
  131. Streams of Mercy
  132. Team Redemption
  133. Once Blind[3]
  134. The Truth Shall Set Us Free
  135. Consuming Fire
  136. Truth-seekers
  137. Lighthearted
  138. Guided by His Holy Spirit
  139. United in Truth
  140. Walking With Jesus
  141. Following the Savior
  142. Way to Emmaus
  143. Christ is Our Comfort
  144. We are Changed
  145. Devoted to Him
  146. Turning Our Eyes to Jesus
  147. We are Redeemed
  148. Together in Christ
  149. We are One
  150. Collective Believers
  151. We Surrender
  152. Christ’s Crowd
  153. Glorifying Our Creator
  154. Following Our Redeemer
  155. The Agape Set
  156. Revered Truth
  157. Woven[2]
  158. We Want to Tell the World
  159. Team Good News
  160. We Will Rise
  161. Disciples of Hope
  162. Our Spiritual Voyage
  163. We Will Testify
  164. Ablaze for the Lord
  165. Words of Life
  166. Company of Christ
  167. Seal Our Hearts
  168. Collective Hope
  169. Gathering for Him
  170. Worthy Warriors
  171. Following the King
  172. Journeyman’s Guild[2]
  173. Flock of Believers

How to Create a Good Church Group Name

We created our list above with inspiration from Biblical verses, worship music, and common themes from religious writers and speakers. You can draw inspiration from many different places when creating your church group name, but keep the following tips in mind to find the perfect name.

  • Consider your group’s purpose. In-depth Bible study groups are much different than support groups or social groups. Make sure the name’s tone is appropriate for the group’s overall mission. For example, if your group is an activity-based social group, such as a group for singles who attend your church, you can choose a more light-hearted name. A group focused on overcoming hardship will also want to select a more positive-sounding, inspirational name than the average Bible study, such as our suggestions “Victorious” or “Nothing Is Impossible.”
  • Avoid anything too cutesy. Cutesy names are better suited to youth groups. An adult church group name doesn’t need to be entirely serious or formal but should help set the tone for your meetings. It will also let people who are interested in joining know that they can expect to find serious discussions and spiritual growth within the group.
  • Consider what makes the group unique. Is the group for women only? Is it designed for new parents, retired persons, single parents, or young adults? Does it have a specific goal, such as reading the entire Bible together in one year? Keep the group’s demographics, meeting style, and other details in mind so you can choose a name that reflects what potential new members can expect if they join.
  • Choose a short name with simple, catchy language. This will make the group name easier to remember and easier to share with/promote to potential members.
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