47 White Team Names

White team names can reflect your group’s inner light, but they don’t always have to be pure and good. Taking inspiration from phrases and things that include the word “white,” your team name can range from inspiring to spooky. Below, we list our picks for white team names — plus tips for creating your own.

  1. Little White Lies
  2. No White Flag: no surrender
  3. The Pearly Whites
  4. The Great Whites: inspired by great white sharks
  5. White-Knuckle Riders
  6. In the White Noise
  7. The Snowcaps
  8. Bright White Lights
  9. White Cloud Cover
  10. Tres Leches: white “three milks” cake
  11. White Lab Coat Club
  12. Better in White
  13. The Blizzards: inspired by heavy snow
  14. Shades of White
  15. The White “T” Team
  16. Painting in White
  17. The White Riders
  18. White Light Perception
  19. Fluffy White Clouds
  20. The Polar Cubs: inspired by white polar bears
  21. White Elephant Network
  22. No White Lies
  23. White Sugar Sprinkles
  24. Here for White
  25. Elevated in White
  26. The Icebergs
  27. White Heat
  28. The Milk Men
  29. White Flag Wavers
  30. White as Sheets
  31. Snow White Wonders
  32. White Mist Dwellers
  33. White Lightning
  34. White Sheep Counters
  35. The White Topaz Group
  36. Spirits in White
  37. White Magic Forces
  38. The Snow Showers
  39. White Lawn Ornaments
  40. Collective White Lies
  41. White as Snow
  42. White Rose Boutonnieres
  43. White Ice
  44. The Daisy Bunch: inspired by white flowers
  45. Soft White Rabbits
  46. The Moonstones: inspired by white gemstones
  47. The White Fog Force

How to Create a Good White Team Name

  • Reference white objects. Whether or not you actually want to include the word “white” in your team name, you can get inspiration from common objects that are white, such as bones, snow, or pearls.
  • Find quotes and phrases that mention white. Phrases like “pearly whites” and “white-knuckled” can serve as inspiration or be used directly in making your team name. For something more unique and obscure, find a quote from a book or famous speaker that uses the word “white” and adapt it into a team name.
  • Get inspiration from white animals or mythical creatures. From polar bears to arctic foxes to ghosts, there are many creatures (real and imagined) that are white in color. Names inspired by these are particularly great for sports teams looking for a “white” name since the animal’s traits can reflect your team. For example, artic wolves are territorial, so using a name inspired by them will show the opposing team that it can’t take your place!