61 Silver Team Names

Silver is an elegant and sleek color, meaning that a silver team name will give your team an air of dignity and sophistication. Below, see our 60+ ready-to-use name ideas, or scroll past the list for tips to create your own silver team name.

  1. The Silver Linings
  2. Silver Screen Stars
  3. Polished Silver
  4. Silver Starlets
  5. Team Sterling
  6. The Silver Spoons
  7. Silver Foxes
  8. Speaking Is Silver
  9. The Silver Dollars
  10. Silver Belles
  11. Silver & Gold
  12. The Silver Coins
  13. Perfectly Polished
  14. The Silver Springs
  15. Silver Slivers
  16. Silver Substitutes
  17. Dark Clouds, Silver Linings
  18. Silver Storm
  19. On the Silver Screen
  20. Pure Silver & Arsenic
  21. In the Silver Zone
  22. Silver Rush
  23. The Silver Bullets
  24. Silver Surfers
  25. Silver-Lined Clouds
  26. The Silver Miners
  27. Silver-Tongue Serpents
  28. Silver Dollar Charms
  29. Native Silver Network
  30. Silver Streak
  31. Silver Sluggers
  32. Pockets Full of Silver
  33. Untarnished Spirits
  34. Silver Jubilee
  35. The Silver Flakes
  36. Tungsten Silver Contacts
  37. Authentic Silver Heirlooms
  38. Oxidized Silver Set
  39. The Silver Figurines
  40. Tarnished Silver
  41. Silver & Turquoise
  42. The Polished Silver Crew
  43. Silver Bullion Bars
  44. The Silver Spikes
  45. Silver at Sundown
  46. The Silver Plates
  47. Silver Artisans
  48. Tarnish-Resistant
  49. Silver Lake Swimmers
  50. Silver Linings Collective
  51. The Silver Palms
  52. Silver Spoon Fortunes
  53. The X-Ray Films
  54. Silver-Plated Memories
  55. The Silverfishes
  56. Pieces of Silver
  57. Silver Eagles
  58. John Silver’s Crew
  59. Silver City Dwellers
  60. Silver Stars
  61. Silver Closing Prices

How to Create a Good Silver Team Name

If none of the ideas in our list above are perfect for your team, keep the following tips in mind to create your own cool silver team name:

  • Think of things that are made of silver or silver in color. Objects like polished silver, coins, and sculptures can inspire your team name. You can also name your team based on natural occurrences of silver like a silverfish (insect) or a wolf’s fur.
  • Add elegance to anything by adding the word “silver.” If you can’t think of something that’s already silver for your team name, add the word “silver” to an object or animal that isn’t, such as our list’s example of “Silver Eagles.”
  • Use words that describe or relate to silver. Your name doesn’t necessarily have to include the word “silver” itself. You can use other terms associated with silver for inspiration, such as “untarnished,” “precious metal,” or “bullet.”
  • Look up common phrases that include the word “silver.” Silver pops up surprisingly often in everyday language with the use of common phrases like “silver spoon” and “silver fox.” Look up phrases or idioms including the world “silver” and use one as your team name exactly or put your own spin on it.