53 Black Team Names

Black is a mysterious and powerful color that conveys authority — perfect for a team that aims to take the top spot. Whether your team has been assigned to black or you’ve chosen it to intimidate your competition, feel free to use any one of our 50+ name suggestions below. We also have tips for creating your own black team name below the list.

  1. The Lucky Black Cats
  2. Total Blackout
  3. Black Tie Only
  4. The Black Unknown
  5. Better in Black
  6. In the Black
  7. Blackout
  8. Back in Black
  9. The Black Bears
  10. The Black Roses
  11. Black Cat Collective
  12. Here for Black
  13. The Vampire Bats
  14. Black Hole Network
  15. The Black Ravens
  16. Black Tie Force
  17. The Char Grillers
  18. Paved in Black
  19. The Coal Lumps
  20. Black Magic
  21. The Black Swans
  22. Obsidian
  23. Black Rose Collective
  24. The Black Olives
  25. Black Bear Cubs
  26. Chaotic Black Skies
  27. Pitch Black Posse
  28. Black Diamond Collection
  29. Fiery Black Sapphires
  30. The Black Jaguars
  31. On the Blacklist
  32. Black Sea Navigators
  33. Black & Yellow
  34. Asphalt Stompers
  35. Black Licorice
  36. On Black Ice
  37. The Black Sails
  38. Gathering Black Shadows
  39. Black Widow Spiders
  40. The Black Crow Crew
  41. Black Panthers
  42. Tinted Black Brigade
  43. Midnight Ink
  44. Onyx
  45. The Flying Crows
  46. Black Belt Conquerors
  47. Black Gold Alloys
  48. Black & Blue Crew
  49. Black Shadow Apparitions
  50. Old Black Magic
  51. Black Coffee Bunch
  52. Black Ink Only
  53. The Moonless Nights

How to Create a Good Black Team Name

  • Make a list of inspirations. From stylish sunglasses to spooky bats, there are a lot of things — from objects to animals and everything in between — that are black. Make a list of these to use for inspiration. You can either list your favorites, or just look around your house or browse the internet to find a wide variety of options.
  • Get inspiration from songs and movies. Songs and movies sometimes use the color “black” in their titles. This is one of the easiest ways to find a black team name — just search the word on a movie database like IMDb or music streaming platform like Spotify. You’ll find familiar and lesser-known pop culture inspirations for your team name.
  • Put a positive spin on it. While it’s a powerful color (or lack of), black is sometimes associated with unlucky or unhappy things — like black cats and dark clouds. Flip these representations on their heads by putting a positive spin on them, such as with our list’s example of “The Lucky Black Cats.”