53 Pink Team Names

Whether your group is pretty in pink or ferocious in fuchsia, there are a variety of pink-themed team names to choose from! See our list of more than 50 options below or scroll past the list for our tips to create your own name.

  1. Better in Pink
  2. Pink on Display
  3. Pink Guitars
  4. Pink Camo
  5. The Flamingos
  6. The Pink Punks
  7. Thinking in Pink
  8. Fuzzy Pink Slippers
  9. Pink Desert Sunrise
  10. The Pink Patterns
  11. Pink Ladies
  12. The Pink Slips
  13. Magenta Madness
  14. Shades of Pink
  15. Here for Pink
  16. Bubblegum Brigade
  17. Team Pink Parade
  18. Pretty & Pink
  19. Pink Is Relative
  20. Watermelon Sugar
  21. Pink Color Palettes
  22. The Blush Brigade
  23. Roses and Thorns
  24. The Pink Promises
  25. In the Pink
  26. Pink Panache
  27. Pink Pixies
  28. Assorted Pink Punch
  29. Pink Collar Crew
  30. Pink Fits
  31. The Bubblegum Pops
  32. Racing for Pinks
  33. In a Pink House
  34. Cotton Candy Collective
  35. Desert Pink Sunsets
  36. Pink Wave Force
  37. The Pink Attitudes
  38. Strawberry Fields
  39. Spectacular Pink Skies
  40. Neon Pink Vibes
  41. The Pink Glitter Life
  42. Pink Perfection Squad
  43. Reflective Pink Aesthetics
  44. The Pink Nation
  45. Pink Is the New Black
  46. The Pinky Swearers
  47. Always National Pink Day
  48. Pink Proteges
  49. Pink From Head to Toe
  50. The Pink Thinkers
  51. Cute Pink Accessories
  52. Pretty in Pink
  53. Pink and Turquoise Hues

How to Create a Great Pink Team Name

  • Choose a mood. Pink can be a cute and sweet color or an eye-catchingly bright one, with shades ranging from the pale pink of cotton candy to neon. Likewise, your pink team name can be either charming or bold. Before choosing a name, decide what you want it to sound like, and what you want other people to think about when they see it.
  • Create a list of your favorite pink things. From the pink skies at sunset to pink crafting glitter, if you love this color, chances are you own or like a lot of different things that feature it. Get inspiration from these objects or use their names as easy, ready-made team names.
  • Use different shades of pink as options. Instead of using the word “pink” itself, you can use a specific shade of pink that you like, such as flamingo, magenta, salmon, or bubblegum. Make a list of a few favorites and choose the one that best suits your team.
  • Use alliteration. An easy and fun way to create a team name is to pair pink with another word that also starts with “p.” Using the same letter repeatedly makes for a name that is catchy and easy to remember. Examples from our list include “Pink Perfection Squad,” “The Pink Promise,” and “Team Pink Parade,” but you can use an online dictionary to find many more options!