57 Gold Team Names

Gold is a color symbolizing power and wealth, which makes it great for creating a strong team name. Below, we have more than 50 gold team names — plus, you can scroll past the list to find our tips for creating your own unique name.

  1. The 14 Karats
  2. All that Glitters is Gold
  3. The Golden Children
  4. Gold Hearts
  5. Worth Our Weight in Gold
  6. Golden Stars
  7. The Gold Standard
  8. Golden Knights
  9. Gold Nuggets
  10. The Goldies
  11. Gold Rush
  12. The Goldilocks
  13. Gold Kings
  14. We Stay Golden
  15. Gold-Plated Magic
  16. Gold Miners
  17. Golden Hawks
  18. The Golden Hills
  19. Golden Bears
  20. Golden Oldies
  21. Golden Wave
  22. Golden Wasps
  23. Gold Diggers
  24. Paved With Gold
  25. Golden Arrows
  26. Golden Gators
  27. Golden Nuggets
  28. Golden Blades
  29. Golden Gophers
  30. Golden Eagles
  31. Golden Goblins
  32. Golden Flames
  33. Golden Apples
  34. Golden Flashes
  35. Gold Spikes
  36. Golden Flashers
  37. Golden Giants
  38. Golden Warriors
  39. Golden Wildcats
  40. Golden Tornadoes
  41. Good as Gold
  42. Golden Spikers
  43. Golden Rockets
  44. Golden Griffins
  45. Gold to Go
  46. Golden Hurricane
  47. Golden Sandstorm
  48. Gold Rush
  49. Golden Rushers
  50. Golden Girls
  51. Gold Medalists
  52. Goldilocks
  53. Golden Yellows
  54. Golden Bulls
  55. Golden Panthers
  56. I Love Gold!: reference to the movie Austin Powers in Goldmember
  57. Golden Geese: from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, a golden goose is a continuing source of wealth or profit that may be exhausted if it is misused

How to Create a Great Gold Team Name

The only real “rule” for creating a gold team name is that it needs to include the word “gold” or make reference to gold. You have a lot of freedom to create whatever type of name you want! For easy options, consider the following sources of inspiration:

  • “Gold” + another word: You can add “Gold” to a lot of different words to create a great team name. Commonly, people combine colors with animals to create this type of name, such as “Golden Eagles.” You can also use mythical creatures (like giants and fairies) or active words (like rush or wave).
  • Gold objects: Rather than or along with using the word “gold,” you can create a unique name by getting inspiration from gold-colored things. Some examples include gold nuggets, golden spoons, medals, or sunflowers.
  • Quotes: Search for quotes about gold for inspiration. You can use or adapt common phrases like “stay golden” or “worth more than gold.”
  • Pop culture: Plenty of songs reference gold, and you can use bits and pieces of their titles or lyrics to inspire your team name. For example, Taylor Swift’s “Daylight” has the lyric “golden like daylight,” and Bruno Mars has a song called “24K Magic,” a reference to pure gold.
  • Puns: Swap “gold” for words in common phrases like “cold turkey” (gold turkey) or “stone gold” (stone gold). You can even use a pun generator online if you need more ideas.