49 Purple Team Names

From Purple Rain to the color of royalty, purple is a color with many meanings, making it a great fit for a variety of teams! Below, we have the list of purple team name ideas, plus tips for creating your own team name.

  1. The Purple Rose Force
  2. Shades of Purple
  3. The Purple People
  4. Purple Haze
  5. Thin Purple Line
  6. The Lavender Sprigs
  7. The Purple Twilights
  8. Lost in the Purple
  9. Time Is Purple
  10. Purple Paisley League
  11. Better in Purple
  12. Purple Rain Regalia
  13. The Orchids
  14. Here for Purple
  15. The Eggplants
  16. Mystical Purple Sunsets
  17. The Purple Tulip Bunch
  18. The Grapevine Eavesdroppers
  19. Always in Purple Hats
  20. The Purple Patches
  21. Attack of Lilac
  22. Purple Prose Club
  23. Plum Crazy
  24. The Purple Rose Assembly
  25. Periwinkle Perfection
  26. Purple Every Day
  27. Practice Makes Purple
  28. The Amethyst Crystals
  29. Purple Garden Network
  30. Hearts of Purple
  31. Purple Reigns
  32. The Violet Blues
  33. We’ve Got the Beets
  34. The Purple Nobility Set
  35. Purple Ping Pong Balls
  36. The Purple Cows
  37. The Purple Aura Brigade
  38. Purple Plushies
  39. Ribbons of Purple
  40. Purple Piglets
  41. Turning Violet
  42. Perennial Purple Wildflowers
  43. Everyday Purple Magic
  44. Purple Spring Blooms
  45. Grape Jelly
  46. Kaleidoscope of Purple
  47. The Purple Carrots
  48. Wavelengths in Purple
  49. Elements of Purple Royalty

How to Create a Great Purple Team Name

  • Name your team after something purple. A wide variety of flowers, fruits, and other common things are purple. Choose a few of your favorites or gather suggestions from your team to choose the perfect name.
  • Use a specific shade rather than just “purple.” The shades of purple range from the deep reddish-purple of mulberry to the soft purple of lilacs. Have your team choose a specific shade of purple as its designated color (if it doesn’t already have a shade in mind), and brainstorm other words that pair well with that shade.
  • Use a nonsensical pairing! Make your teammates and others laugh with a name that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Pair “purple” with something that obviously isn’t purple — like our list’s “Purple Piglets” and “The Purple Cows” — for a unique and funny team name.