43 Debate Team Names

Those who compete in debates are in good company; Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Springsteen, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, and James Earl Jones are among the notable figures who have competed on debate teams in the past.[1]

From high school teams to high-stakes political arguments, debates give us the opportunity to weigh options against one another and find the best solutions by evaluating facts and passionately defending our positions. It’s a longtime practice, too — records of formal debates go all the way back to ancient Greece![2]

Debate team names can range from creative to fun. Our list features some great options. If you want to create your own debate team name, we have some tips below.

  1. Not up for Debate[3]
  2. Arguably the Best[3]
  3. Full of Rebuttal[3]
  4. Always Right[3]
  5. In Pursuit of Dispute[3]
  6. Always Debatable
  7. Statement Makers
  8. Ever Outspoken
  9. Agree to Disagree
  10. The Opinionated Ones
  11. Deliberation Generation
  12. The Debate Masters
  13. Rebuttal Rebels
  14. We Dissent!
  15. The Argument Association
  16. We’ve Got Issues!
  17. Convince Us
  18. The Cross Exam Crew
  19. Make a Statement[3]
  20. DB8[3]
  21. What’s the Issue?[3]
  22. Listen Up![3]
  23. Logical Reasoning
  24. The Opposing View
  25. Impact
  26. Persuasive Posse
  27. Epic Negotiators
  28. The Bait Takers
  29. We’re Judgy[3]
  30. Greater Debaters[3]
  31. Speaker Uppers[3]
  32. First Rate Debate[3]
  33. Walkie Talkies[3]
  34. Parley Patrol
  35. Discourse Division
  36. Chitchat Alliance
  37. Saga
  38. Discussion Experts
  39. Verbal Exchange
  40. Dialog
  41. The Pontificators
  42. Effortless Spiel
  43. Skeptic Society

How to Create a Great Debate Team Name

Create a great debate team name using the following tips:

  • Use debate terms. Think about the terms used in debates and choose one you like. You can add a descriptive word or phrase to the term to create a unique team name.
  • Create a team name with a motivational word or phrase. Motivational words or short phrases make great team names. Involve your whole team in the process by having each member submit their name of choice, then have the team vote to choose the winner.
  • Make a debate acronym out of your team’s first initials. Use each team members first initial to form an acronym out of debate-related words. For example, if Paul, Sam, and Dan are a team, their acronym could be Persuade Skeptics Daily. Get creative!
  • Choose a single word that isn’t specific to debate. Single word team names can be powerful and impactful. Think of powerful words and synonyms for a great range of options.