61 Team Names for Case Study Competitions

Case study competitions can encompass a wide range of topics, such as business, engineering, science, and psychology — just to name a few. Whatever your field of expertise, our list features general case study competition team names that you can use or change to suit your topic. To create a totally original case study competition team name, check out our tips below the list!

  1. With Purpose
  2. Solutions Only
  3. The Real World
  4. Known Truths
  5. Real Potential
  6. Analysis Aces
  7. Similar Conclusions
  8. Critical Thoughts
  9. Strive Squad
  10. Adding Value
  11. Merger Alliance
  12. Team Quantitative
  13. Basis of Reasoning
  14. Ready To Invest
  15. Acquisitions Inc.
  16. Simply the Best
  17. Crossroads
  18. Utmost Endeavor
  19. Cause & Consequence
  20. Role Models
  21. Complex Collective
  22. Relevant Conclusions
  23. Potential Solutions
  24. League of Leaders
  25. Problem Solved
  26. Consequences
  27. Study Underway
  28. Not Typical
  29. Extraordinary Facts
  30. Deviants
  31. Peculiar Things
  32. Anonymous
  33. Comparison Crew
  34. A Better Process
  35. Credible Sources
  36. Archetypical
  37. Complex Ideas
  38. Anomalous
  39. Divergent
  40. Basic Interpretations
  41. Limited Assumptions
  42. Basis of Evidence
  43. Logical Consequences
  44. Truth Be Told
  45. Inference Inc.
  46. Prototypical
  47. Universal Conclusion
  48. Guesstimates
  49. The Hypothesizers
  50. Zero Presumptions
  51. Experimental Findings
  52. Between the Lines
  53. Suspicious Minds
  54. Epilogue
  55. Unlimited Data
  56. Sensible Thoughts
  57. The Findings Force
  58. Discovery Derelicts
  59. Unearth the Facts
  60. Excavators
  61. Postscript Posse

How to Create Great Team Names for Case Study Competitions

Create a great team name for your case study competition using the following tips:

  • Consider specific terms that relate to your topic. If your case study topic is one that has a lot of insider jargon and unique phrases, you may want to create your team name around one. Choose a favorite word or phrase, one that may be uncommon or unusual, or even one that makes your team laugh.
  • Name your team after your case study. Use the title of your case study as inspiration for your team name. For example, if your case study is called Team Building Case Study, you could name your team The Team Builders. This is just a basic, easy-to-create example — you can be as inventive and unique as you wish!
  • Create a pun or acronym as your team name. Puns that reference your case study topic may be an excellent way for you to make a perfect team name with a hint of humor. You could also invent an acronym for your case study competition team name by using the topic or even your team members’ names. Get creative!