51 Yellow Team Names

From sunshine to daffodils, yellow is a happy and lively color that represents optimism and energy. What better way to motivate your team than to choose a cheerful yellow team name? We have 51 ideas that you can use/ below, plus tips for creating your own yellow team name.

  1. The Sunflowers
  2. The Tweetybirds
  3. The Yellow Submarines

  1. Shades of Yellow
  2. Better in Yellow
  3. Mellow Yellow Matrix
  4. The Yellow Ribbons

  1. Here for Yellow
  2. Yellow Fades Away
  3. We’re Mellow Yellow
  4. Not Yellow-Bellied

  1. Yellow Brick Road Crew
  2. Always Seeing Yellow
  3. Yellowjackets

  1. The Yellow Clouds
  2. Bumblebee Hive
  3. The Cheddars

  1. The Sun-Rays
  2. Clashing With Yellow
  3. The Banana Peels

  1. The Yellow Hornets
  2. The Vibrant Yellow Network
  3. Resplendent Yellow Set
  4. Canary Queens

  1. Yellow Streak Down
  2. The Raincoats
  3. Marigold Mavens

  1. The Goldibears: a play on Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  2. Calling Code Yellow
  3. The Daffodils

  1. Mustard Muster
  2. The Yellow Highlighters
  3. Yellow Hearts Club
  4. Sunflower Yellow Group

  1. The Yellow Persistence
  2. No. 2 Pencils
  3. Rubber Duckies

  1. Lemon-Yellow Sunshine
  2. Enchanted Yellow Gemstones
  3. The Yellow Blooms Bunch

  1. Call Us Mellow Yellow
  2. A Yellow Atmosphere
  3. The Yellow Roses

  1. It’s All Yellow
  2. Canary Faeries
  3. Shiny Yellow Optimism
  4. Lemons to Lemonade

  1. The Yellow Spectrum
  2. Scattered Yellow Wavelengths
  3. Yellow Rays of Sunlight
  4. The Yellow Gingham Squad

How to Create a Great Yellow Team Name

  • Look up yellow flowers, animals, and other objects. Some obvious examples of yellow things will come to mind immediately when you begin crafting your team name, but for options beyond sunflowers and rubber ducks, search the web for longer lists of yellow things. You may find an interesting animal or object you’ve never heard of, or one with a unique name that can help your team stand out.
  • Choose the shade of yellow that best reflects your team. Yellows range from the almost-white shade of banana to the deep yellow-brown of dijon. Rather than just using the word “yellow,” you might want to choose a specific shade — bumblebee yellow to reflect that you’ll “sting” the competition, for example, or honey to show off your sweet side. If your team chooses gold as its shade, see our list of 50+ gold team name ideas.
  • Use the formula of Color + Creature. You can take virtually any animal or mythical creature and add the word “yellow” (or a specific shade) to it to create a neat team name. Examples include “Yellow Beetles” or “Canary Faeries.” These names are lighthearted and can be silly, but are very easy to create.