57 Scavenger Hunt Team Names

Scavenger hunt team working on a mission

Scavenger hunts are inspired by the treasure hunts of old but really took off in popularity in the 1930s, when columnist Elsa Maxwell began designing wild midnight hunts for New York’s rich and famous.[1]

Scavenger hunts remain popular today. There’s even a National Scavenger Hunt Day, celebrated on May 24![2]

Scavenger hunt team names can generally reflect your team’s skill or be specific to the scavenger hunt event you’re attending — for example, an art-related name for a hunt at an art museum.

Our list includes more widely applicable scavenger hunt team names; if you want an event-specific name, our tips below the list will help you create your own team name.

  1. The Foragers
  2. Mayhem Driven
  3. At a Fast Pace
  4. Hunters for Hire
  5. Gatherers Guild
  6. Treasure Seekers
  7. Paper Chasers
  8. On the Hunt
  9. Hunters & Gatherers
  10. Acquire Alliance
  11. The Collectors
  12. Scavenger Society
  13. Discovery Derelicts
  14. Snoop Sisters
  15. The Silt Sifters
  16. Unearthers
  17. The Finding Fathers
  18. Rogue Reveals
  19. Condor Community
  20. King Vultures
  21. Been Scavenging?
  22. Griffon Guild
  23. The Hawk Eyes
  24. Osprey Tactics
  25. The Smarties
  26. Here We Go Again!
  27. Go Get ‘Em!
  28. Finding Nemo
  29. The Inquiry Agents
  30. Investigatory Services
  31. Track, Trail, & Tail
  32. Rookies of the Year
  33. Jabba the Hunt
  34. Ready to Rumble
  35. Masked Bandits
  36. On the Trail
  37. The Private Eyes
  38. Secret Shadowing
  39. The Scavenger PIs
  40. Recovery Rebels
  41. Clueminati: a play on the word “illuminati”
  42. Slytherin Scavengers
  43. Ravenclaw Rogues
  44. Set to Scavenge
  45. Ready, Set, Scavenge
  46. Scouring Around
  47. Looking High & Low
  48. The Rummagers
  49. Just Scratching Around
  50. Scavengers of the Year
  51. Mudlark Alliance
  52. We Won’t Quidditch
  53. Hey Hey We’re the Mudlarks: reference to river mud hunting
  54. Snape’s Searchers
  55. Gumshoe Greats
  56. Hawkshaw Heroes
  57. In Pursuit

How to Create a Scavenger Hunt Team Name

To create a great scavenger hunt team name, consider the following tips:

  • Consider the venue. Create a team name using the name of the venue or the type of venue where the scavenger hunt will be held. For example, if you’re attending a scavenger hunt at a natural history museum, create a play on words originating from the venue name or based on one of the exhibits.
  • Keep your team name age-appropriate. Family-friendly scavenger hunt names should be kept “G”-rated. If you’re attending an adults-only event, you may be a bit more risqué with your team name — but keep in mind who else will attend the event and whether your name suits the environment.
  • Get creative! Scavenger hunting doesn’t have a list of terms or rules to research and get inspiration from, as other team-related activities do. Instead, you have total creative freedom over your team name. For a start, you might want to look up animals that are scavengers and synonyms for words like “scavenger” or “search.” If you use a favorite movie or book character for inspiration, just add a scavenger-related word or phrase to it to tie it in with the scavenger hunt theme (like we did with some of the Harry Potter-inspired names above).
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