77 Escape Room Team Names

Escape room team names can be generally adventurous or specific to the type of escape room you’re visiting. Either way, they’re typically comical! We have more than 70 punny and cool escape room team names below; if you don’t find one you like, we also offer tips to help you create your own.

  1. All Locked Up
  2. Breakout!
  3. Lock Box Bunch
  4. Making Ourselves Scarce
  5. The Way Out
  6. A Hasty Exit
  7. The Exodus
  8. Encryptonites[1]
  9. Quick Exits
  10. Run For It!
  11. Who-dinis: a play on the famous illusionist Houdini[2]
  12. Skedaddlers
  13. CryptIQ[3]
  14. Fleeing Forces
  15. Make a Getaway
  16. Locked & Loaded[2]
  17. Flying the Coop
  18. The Escape-ades: a play on “escapades”[2]
  19. Early Discharge: medical-themed escape room
  20. Never Bewildered
  21. Out of Sight
  22. Jeepers Keypers[2]
  23. Taking Off
  24. On Our Way Out
  25. Not Playing Games
  26. E-scapegoats[2]
  27. Running Along
  28. A Disappearing Act
  29. Locksmiths[1]
  30. Setting Sail
  31. Cut & Run
  32. Circulation Desk Derelicts: library-themed escape room
  33. Baffled Beyond Belief
  34. Cryptic Escapes
  35. Dr. No Chance: a play on the James Bond film Dr. No[2]
  36. Without a Trace
  37. Breakout Radio Stars: 1980s-themed escape room
  38. Into Thin Air
  39. Red Herrings[1]
  40. Absconding Detainees
  41. Finding Freedom
  42. Ready to Bolt
  43. Adieu to You
  44. Garage Door Openers: garage escape room
  45. Sneaking Away
  46. Jar Jar Thinks: a play on the Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks[4]
  47. Avoiding Detection
  48. Rescue Me!
  49. The Escape Peas: a play on “escapees”[2]
  50. Hurriedly Leaving
  51. Getting Out of Jail: prison- or cell-themed escape room
  52. Leaving Secretly
  53. The Keypers[2]
  54. The Vanishing Act
  55. Vamoose!
  56. Busting the Bunker: doomsday bunker escape room
  57. Take Wing
  58. Hitting the Road
  59. Taking a Powder
  60. Decamped
  61. Making Tracks
  62. Sher-unlock: a play on the character Sherlock Holmes[3]
  63. The Quickly Departed
  64. Access & Egress
  65. Toodle-oo
  66. Low Key ComplEXITy
  67. Sherlock Stay-at-Homes: for a virtual escape room[5]
  68. Adios Amigos
  69. The Farewell Force
  70. Sayonara Society
  71. Au Revoir Agency
  72. The Ciao Club
  73. So Long Farewell
  74. We’ve Got the Key[2]
  75. Bye Bye Brigade
  76. Catch You Later!
  77. Lacking PerplEXITy

How to Create Your Own Escape Room Team Name

The perfect escape room team name will depend on what type of escape room you’re doing and the preferences of your team members. Create your own escape room team name with the following tips:

  • Consider whether you want a general team name or one specific to your escape room experience. Escape rooms have themes, and you may choose a group name that matches the theme of the room you’re visiting. For example, if you’re visiting a one-hour, space-themed escape, you might want a name that references “60 minutes” or one that uses terms related to astronomy and space travel. Many of the escape room team names on our list are mainly general, but they can be made more precise with the addition or change of a descriptive word.
  • Use humor. Escape rooms are challenging but fun, allowing you to work together with your team to solve a complex puzzle. What’s a better morale booster for your team than laughter? Use puns and comedy when coming up with your perfect escape room team name.
  • Keep synonyms in mind. An easy way to build an escape room team name is to think of terms similar to “exit,” “escape,” and “leave” and use them as your inspiration.
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