71 Rainbow Six Siege Clan Names

Rainbow Six Siege is a well-established game, continuing to steadily grow in popularity. It averages about 85,000 players, with a peak of around 200,000 — more than ten times greater than its early figures![1]

Players around the world strive to qualify for the Six Invitational — Rainbow Six Siege’s biggest team esports competition.[2] It’s also one of the top 20 most-watched games on Twitch.[1]

Rainbow Six Siege is a game full of gadgets, destruction, and combat — but your R6 clan name doesn’t have to sound tough. Depending on your group, you might want something funny or mythical instead. Below, we have more than 70 Rainbow Six Siege clan name ideas, plus tips to help you create your own unique options.

  1. Attack Mode
  2. Death Angels
  3. Seismic Defense
  4. Vital Chaos
  5. Demolition Derelicts
  6. Mutation
  7. Survival Squad
  8. Twilight Siege
  9. Battle Rage
  10. The Bloodletters
  11. Oath to Kill
  12. Sight Line
  13. HoW: Heirs of War
  14. Zombie Harvest
  15. Skyrocket
  16. Final Fate
  17. Alpha
  18. Victory Road
  19. Extermination Squad[3]
  20. TkS: The Killer Squad
  21. Runaways
  22. Organized Evil
  23. Tragic
  24. Shots Fired
  25. EaT: Every Available Tactic[4]
  26. Bad Blood
  27. Spite
  28. Maximum Range
  29. No Blanks
  30. DtB: Dodge the Bullets
  31. Poison
  32. Out of Time
  33. Countdown
  34. Vindictive
  35. CAKE: Covert Assault Killing Epicenter[4]
  36. Evil Intent
  37. Hostile
  38. Vengeful
  39. Nameless[3]
  40. Aversion
  41. DoE: Decades of Enmity
  42. Friction
  43. Grudge
  44. No Regrets
  45. Devil’s Outcasts[5]
  46. Unlawful Intent
  47. Implied Malice
  48. Bolt Action
  49. Ignited
  50. Propelled
  51. AcR: At Close Range
  52. Triggered
  53. Semi-Automatic
  54. Point Blank
  55. Recoil
  56. Distant Targets
  57. Silencers
  58. Altered Sequence
  59. Restricted
  60. BoF: Burst of Fire
  61. Kill for Life
  62. Severed
  63. Vendetta
  64. Fugitives
  65. Delinquents
  66. Nefarious
  67. Fiendish
  68. The Parasites
  69. Rogue Vipers
  70. Skeleton Crew
  71. ToG: Tyranny of Ghosts

How to Create a Good Rainbow Six Siege Clan Name

You can create the perfect Rainbow Six Siege clan name to reflect your team’s personality and interests. When brainstorming with your clan, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Decide how serious you are. Do you want a name that will show other players that your clan is a worthy competitor, or do you just want to have fun playing a game you like with your friends? Choose a name that reflects the spirit of your team, whether serious or funny.
  • Use your name or your friends’ names for inspiration. There are several creative ways to incorporate your name or your clanmates’ names into the group’s identifier. Try adding a word to your name (Alex’s Animals), using your initials (for, example “BR” could become “Battle Rage”), or combine several names to create a word (Josaam for a team that includes John, Sam, and Adam).
  • Consider the world of the game. You can play many games as a clan, so clan name options are abundant — but you might want to choose something that reflects the exact game you’re playing. Since Rainbow Six Siege is a combat-based game with a counter-terrorist story, look into terminology from the special forces or examples of sieges from history to find an interesting name.