61 PUBG Clan Names

Boy playing PUBG on a computer

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was popular even before it officially launched, having spent a year in Steam’s Early Access before release.

To date, the game has been added by over 700 million devices[1] and consistently ranks in Steam’s top games (measured by current players).[2]

All of PUBG’s achievements are pretty impressive, especially for a game that an established designer didn’t develop!

Brendan Greene — the “PlayerUnknown” of the game’s name — taught himself coding as a hobby before teaming up with a South Korean company to launch the game.[3]

PUBG clan names can incorporate a wide range of words, from humorous to battle-related. PUBG naming rules state that names may not be offensive or inappropriate; otherwise, the sky is the limit!

Use one of the 61 options from our list below or, if you want to create your own PUBG clan name, we have some tips beneath the list.

  1. Royale
  2. Incognito
  3. Glare
  4. Pending
  5. Obscure
  6. Reapers
  7. Undefined
  8. Nameless
  9. Anonymous
  10. Forgotten
  11. Vital
  12. Initiative
  13. Jinx
  14. Amplified
  15. Unified
  16. Exhilaration
  17. Unresolved
  18. Hidden
  19. Disguised
  20. Chameleons
  21. Evasive
  22. Critical
  23. MaxForce
  24. Airborne
  25. Controversial
  26. Descending
  27. Foragers
  28. Ozone
  29. Deathmatch
  30. Ground Zero
  31. In Armor
  32. PyroTechs
  33. Blaze
  34. Flares
  35. All Access
  36. Secrets
  37. Daggers
  38. Unreal
  39. Affiliates
  40. The Gamblers
  41. Blitz
  42. Zombie Watch
  43. Onslaught
  44. Swoop
  45. The Ultimates
  46. Misaligned
  47. Exclusive
  48. Final Exit
  49. X-tra Elite
  50. Driven
  51. X-tremes
  52. Advocates
  53. Exposure
  54. Midnight
  55. Flagship
  56. Leverage
  57. Progress
  58. Recovery
  59. Volatile
  60. Terminal
  61. Superior

How to Create a Great PUBG Clan Name

The best PUBG clan name for you will depend on the message you want your clan to send and the words or phrases that you like best.

Create a great PUBG clan name using the following tips:

  • Keep the PUBG naming rules in mind. First and foremost, you want to create a clan name that is not explicit, obscene, discriminatory, or trademarked. Don’t start with an inappropriate word and try to change or disguise it somehow; this is against the rules. Use only non-offensive words and phrases. If you question whether a name you like is offensive or not, err on the side of caution and create a different clan name.
  • Use the dictionary! Dictionaries are readily available online and can help you quickly find the perfect name. (You can use the book form, too, if you have one on hand.) Choose a random letter or page to browse through, noting any words that stand out to you as interesting or meaningful. You can use one of those words directly as your clan name or alter it in some way to make it more personalized.
  • Choose a name based on a favorite location or weapon in the game. Think of different parts of the game that might lend themselves to becoming unique or creative clan names. It may be a particular location in the game, a weapon, a vehicle, or you may even use an existing clan name and change it up to make it new.