49 Norwex VIP Group Names

Hand of a Norwex VIP group customer cleaning a window pane

Norwex is a cleaning company committed to sustainability and helping the environment.

Some of its microfiber cleaning cloths are made up of 70% recycled plastic bottles. Norwex mop pads are also produced with recycled materials.[1]

Norwex cleaning products also have quite a list of unexpected uses! Did you know that the Norwex laundry detergent can be used throughout the home as an all-purpose cleaner?[1]

Norwex prides itself on products made without harmful chemicals that may cause irritation or illness to yourself and/or your family.

Norwex VIP group names can be as individual and unique as each sales consultant — just remember to stay away from using the company name or any other identifying company information.

Our list features more than 40 ready-to-use options, or you can get creative and follow our tips below the list to create your own name.

  1. The Sustainables
  2. Alternatives
  3. Microfiber Matrix
  4. No Rogue Chemicals
  5. Green Clean Team[2]
  6. Health Heroes
  7. Bacteria Busters
  8. World Changers
  9. Clean Conscience[2]
  10. The Eco Generation
  11. Environmental Inc.
  12. Clean With Green
  13. Xtreme Green Clean
  14. Hygienic Home
  15. White-Glove Test
  16. Magical Microfibers
  17. Lemon Fresh Force
  18. Dirty Laundry Legends
  19. The Top Mops
  20. Green Gleamers
  21. Spotless
  22. Eco Immaculate
  23. Whistle Clean
  24. Green & Pristine
  25. We Sparkle!
  26. The Shine Squad
  27. Dust Busters[2]
  28. In Our Best Interest
  29. Dazzle
  30. Shimmer & Shine
  31. Sparkle Aplenty[2]
  32. Impeccable
  33. Shined to Perfection
  34. The Clean Sweep[2]
  35. Green Clean Association
  36. The Good Stewards
  37. Home Clean Home[2]
  38. Green Earth Crew
  39. Eco Kin
  40. The Organic Home
  41. Broom With A Clue[2]
  42. Green Oasis
  43. The Eco Sanctuary
  44. Twinkle Time[2]
  45. Dust Buddies[2]
  46. Tidy Shines[2]
  47. Dust Bunnies[2]
  48. Squeaky Clean[2]
  49. Pleasin’ Polish[2]

How to Create Your Own Norwex VIP Group Names

You can personalize your Norwex VIP group name to highlight your favorite characteristics of the products or simply reflect your business in a unique way.

Create your own Norwex VIP group name using the following tips:

  • Follow the Norwex company rules for naming your group. Don’t use your region (including city or state), trademarks, or abbreviations of company words or phrases in your team name. Create an original name for your group that adheres to the company standards.
  • Consider a name that you feel best describes Norwex products. As a Norwex consultant, you may want your VIP group name to convey what you think is the best feature of Norwex. Think about what motivated you to join and develop a list of words and short phrases that describe your feelings. If you choose a name that brings to mind your positive feelings for Norwex, the chances are good that the positive vibe will carry over to your customers.
  • Keep it professional, intentional, and motivational. After all, the end goal is happy, satisfied customers! Choose a name that both you and your clients will feel good about. You’re helping the environment as well as giving more sustainable and healthy choices to families. Let your group name reflect that. Get creative!
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