59 Green Team Names

Green is the color of “go” and the color of nature. It makes great inspiration for a positive, funny, or unique team name. Find our green team name ideas and tips for creating your own name below!

  1. Green Means Go
  2. The Evergreens
  3. Greenbacks
  4. Green With Envy
  5. Better in Green
  6. Green Gables
  7. The Green Gang
  8. Green Energy
  9. Shades of Green
  10. The Green Lights
  11. Big Green
  12. Green Groovers
  13. The Greenies
  14. The Four-Leaf Clovers
  15. The Jolly Greens
  16. The Grass Clippings
  17. Big Green Lizards
  18. The Mean Greens
  19. The Emerald Green League
  20. Green Gators
  21. The Green Machines
  22. Green Bell Peppers
  23. Staying Green
  24. Where Green Grass Grows
  25. Forever Green
  26. The Parakeets
  27. The Green Dragons
  28. Kale Crew
  29. The Lean Greens
  30. Tranquil Green
  31. Here for Green
  32. The Green Beans
  33. Green Jello Jigglers
  34. The Green Healers
  35. The Easy Greens
  36. The Avocados
  37. Without Blue, No Green
  38. Glorious Green Squad
  39. Green Inspires Hope
  40. Influenced by Green
  41. The Tadpoles
  42. Green Vibrations
  43. The Green Snakes
  44. We’re Going Green
  45. Save Green
  46. Not Mean — Green!
  47. On the Green Side
  48. Life Cleaner, Earth Greener
  49. Green Tree Frogs
  50. The Green Limes
  51. Green Olive Group
  52. Green Harmony League
  53. The Jade Stones
  54. The Green Queens
  55. Vibrant Green Power
  56. Green Giants
  57. A Solid Green Plan
  58. Easy Being Green
  59. Simple Green & Clean

How to Create a Good Green Team Name

  • Get inspiration from green objects. There are a lot of objects that naturally appear green, like leaves, avocados, grass, and certain minerals or stones. Man-made objects like green traffic lights can also inspire your team name. Look for green objects around your house or city, or just search for them online — you can find ideas everywhere!
  • Make reference to the environment. Green is a well-liked color, but the word “green” has also come to represent the environment. Make references to eco-friendly terminology and Earth in your team name for a unique and unexpected option. You can promote your team and do good at the same time by bringing attention to a cause!
  • Choose a green mascot and name your team after it. Green animals (real or imaginary) like dragons, lizards, and frogs can serve double duty as your team’s name and mascot! If a member of your team has some artistic talent, you can even design a custom logo with a picture of the creature.